Green Initiatives & Sustainability

At Villa Punto de Vista, lush rainforest cozies up to every outdoor space. The cerulean Pacific blooms into vast panoramas. Critically endangered squirrel monkeys chatter in the trees. We live in paradise, so it’s no wonder we cherish and honor nature. And at Villa Punto de Vista, our love is not only an observation – it’s action. In every way, we actively seek to protect and care for our planet, from how we built the villa to the variety of sustainable initiatives and ecological programs in which we participate.

How We Help

At Villa Punto de Vista, we strive to set a new standard in sustainability – a true experience in green luxury for guests with a social conscience.

Sustainable Practices

Our sustainable practices continue throughout Villa Punto de Vista:

  • We make our own solar power through the use of photovoltaic panels – our 12 panels generate 2.5KW!
  • Villa Punto de Vista uses Nest™ Thermostats in every room – learning thermostats that save energy while you’re out and about.
  • We also use Lutron™ Lighting Control, an intelligent lighting system with a movement and daylight sensor.
  • In your room, you’ll enjoy biodegradable Raw Botanicals™ Organic Spa and Bath products.
  • Sleep on Jennifer Adams LUX Collection™ MicroFiber Sheets, crafted from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Rest easy knowing our Guest Suite Energy Management System is keeping your stay green.
  • Our Linen Reuse Program lets you choose to reuse your towels and sheets, or request to have them freshly laundered each day.
  • Our ballroom’s Big Ass Fans™ (that’s the official name, we swear!) are ultra efficient high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans.
  • Solar thermal water heating, together with an energy-saving auxiliary backup, heats water for all the villa’s needs – including the rooftop Jacuzzi!
  • Our housekeeping staff uses only non-toxic, biodegradable and certified organic cleaning products.
  • We use only LED and CFL lighting throughout the property.
  • Every bathroom at Villa Punto de Vista uses low-flow toilets.
  • We use the LEED-Certified BioNest™ Waste Treatment System.

Green building initiatives

Our efforts began with our green building initiatives:

  • Villa Punto de Vista occupies just 7% of our total property. The rest is set aside as private rainforest reserve.
  • We reduced the villa’s footprint by building up, instead of out.
  • We also incorporated recycled glass in the face of the building.
  • The property features locally quarried sandstone in its exquisite built-ins and finishes.
  • Throughout Villa Punto de Vista, you’ll spot sustainably harvested teak wood detailing (including our incredible ballroom floor!).
  • The villa employs a passive solar design, including cross-ventilation and shading.
  • We use only recycled roof tiles, made from plastic bags.

Local sustainability programs

Finally, we at Villa Punto de Vista feel strongly that charitable giving is a rewarding and necessary part of business. We contribute to:

  • We’ve installed monkey corridor programs, to create onsite monkey bridges through the villa’s private rainforest.
  • The villa actively participates in water conservation programs.
  • We have chosen all native plants for villa landscaping.
  • To reduce the villa’s waste, we compost our organic trash.
  • We also dedicate our time and resources to reforestation programs, both onsite and offsite.
  • We’re proud to announce that we are also a Carbon Neutral Candidate (in process).

Why We Care: Manuel Antonio is the Cradle of World Biodiversity

Costa Rica’s Central and South Pacific is world renowned for its incredible variety of flora and fauna, and National Geographic even called our southern neighbor, the Osa Peninsula, “the most biodiverse place on Earth.” As soon as you arrive at Villa Punto de Vista, you’ll soon be saying the same: Manuel Antonio and its eponymous national park may be small, but with 184 species of birds and 109 mammal species, it’s anything but limited.

Look around Villa Punto de Vista, and this biodiversity is immediately evident: squint at a furry ball in a tree, and it’s probably a sloth. Take a dip in the pool, and squirrel monkeys – a critically endangered species that lives only in this region – may pay a visit. Green iguanas, white-faced monkeys, toucans, mantled howler monkeys, parrots and white-nosed coatimundi – they all make their home in Manuel Antonio.

And just 500 miles off the Pacific coast, the famed Costa Rica Dome hosts an incredibly diverse marine habitat. The feather in its hat: the “Blue Whale Café,”  the favorite wintering spot of the blue whale, the ocean’s SuperGiant at 70 to 90 feet long.

Clearly, we have a lot to cherish – and even more to protect.

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