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Chefs & Dining

When you are vacationing in paradise, the last thing you want to think about is preparing and cleaning up your meals. When you stay at Villa Punto de Vista, you can rest easy knowing a private chef will take care of your every need. Enjoy a luxurious culinary experience catered to your preferences at our all-inclusive villas with private chefs.

The Finest Dining Experience in Costa Rica

From our covered dining terrace high atop the villa, yet within earshot of the sea, a majestic view unfolds onto Manuel Antonio Bay. Monkeys twitter, and parrots squawk—the rainforest’s version of a dinner bell. At Villa Punto de Vista, we consider fine dining to be an integral sensory experience like no other.

Vacation your way at Villa Punto de Vista. Whether it’s a private chef catering to the unique desires of your wedding group, your butler reserving a wonderful local restaurant, or a casual evening of ordering in or firing up the grill, Villa Punto de Vista offers you flexibility and a variety of quality dining options and experiences.

With private chef dining, you can indulge in the unique tastes the local scene has to offer or enjoy your trusted favorites prepared to perfection by a trained professional.

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The Benefits of Our Costa Rica Villa

With A Personal Chef

From casual dining to plated five-course meals, indulge your palate in the best of Costa Rica. Your pre-arrival concierge will gladly assist in recommending a quality private chef for the entirety of your stay or for a single memorable celebration.

Accommodate Needs and Preferences

Private chefs are very popular among our guests, as personalized meals can be tailor-made to suit the tastes of your entire party, including children. They can easily accommodate a variety of restrictions and preferences, including:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher
  • Allergies
  • Other dietary needs

Savor regionally inspired dishes or select meals that remind you more of home. Whatever your preferences, a private chef will meet your needs with ease. For a better idea of the sumptuous meals a chef can prepare for your group, please view these sample menus and private chef rates.

Sample Private Chef Menu

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Enhance the Sense of Luxury and Relaxation

Leave every detail to your chef and enjoy your meals with family and friends stress-free! Spend the day relaxing on the beach or exploring Manuel Antonio while your chef crafts delectable and nourishing meals for your group to enjoy and experience.

Our private chef will serve a delicious complimentary breakfast every morning. Start the day right by enjoying fine dining from the comfort and privacy of our exclusive and private villas with unforgettable breathtaking views of Manuel Antonio Bay!

Sample Local Cuisine

A private chef will enable you to try various local dishes and foods, such as newly caught mahi-mahi, dry-aged prime beef, exotic fruits and organic produce. Your optional private chefs use only the freshest and tastiest locally sourced ingredients to create delicious gastronomic dishes.

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How It Works

A quick overview of dining while at your luxury Costa Rica rental

Complimentary Breakfast in Private Villa Complimentary Breakfast

Your daily gourmet breakfast is lovingly prepared by your onsite—and always smiling—cook.

Chef Services for Private Costa Rica Villa Hire a Private Chef

As a leading all-inclusive villa with a private chef, we give you the option to dine with us. Your pre-arrival concierge will gladly assist in recommending a quality private chef for the entirety of your stay or for a single memorable celebration.

Villa On-Site Staff for Wedding Venue Dining Out

Your in-house concierge is a great resource to recommend Manuel Antonio restaurants from a list of our favorite locations.

grocery shopping made easy at villa punto de vista Delivery

Our concierge can order takeout from our favorite spots in Manuel Antonio that you can enjoy in the comfort of your house rental.

grocery food service stocking at villa punto de vista Pre Stocking

Before you arrive, we will send you a pre-arrival list of the groceries, beverages, wines and spirits that you’d like on hand for your stay.

Private Chauffeur for Costa Rica Luxury Villa Restocking During Your Stay

Your concierge will arrange for the purchase and delivery of any ingredients you’d like to make your Costa Rica rental feel like home.

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Complimentary Breakfast

Every morning, enjoy a handmade, gourmet breakfast that is complimentary with your stay. It begins with the aroma of some of the world’s finest coffee, delicious tropical juices, and sweet seasonal fruits picked from only a few valleys away.

Your daily gourmet breakfast is lovingly prepared by Yessenia, our onsite—and always smiling—cook. Breakfast is served at your leisure and features a blend of both International and Costa Rican morning favorites, including eggs to order and an assortment of freshly baked bread, cereals, and some of Yessenia’s inspired morning creations.

Made Fresh With Local Ingredients

We only use the freshest and tastiest local ingredients to craft delicious, authentic meals for you and your group. Those seeking a refined yet vibrant culinary experience will find it at Villa Punto de Vista. Enjoy a flavorful meal, sip on our signature tropical champagne mimosas, and appreciate a breathtaking ocean view to begin your day the best way possible.

Staying at our villas offers a unique dining experience, allowing you to connect with your loved ones in a private setting while enjoying a spectacular culinary experience. Savor your chef’s delectable dishes as you watch the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean and listen to the soothing sounds of the rainforest.

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Indulge in Fine Dining With a Chef in Manuel Antonio

Get five-star treatment at the Villa Punto de Vista

Villa Punto de Vista offers you flexibility and a variety of quality dining options and experiences. From kosher kitchen conversions to sourcing ingredients that meet your dietary restrictions, our fantastic staff can accommodate your needs. Our private chef dining option allows you to enjoy your getaway and spend quality time with your loved ones while we take care of meal planning and preparation.

Prefer to cook your own meals?

If you love to cook, you’ll love Villa Punto de Vista’s well-equipped professional chef kitchens. Shop the local fishmonger or catch your own! Peruse the local farmer’s market for exotic produce and stock up on quality ingredients at the local grocer. Create your own masterpieces from the kitchen with the greatest view on earth!

Luxury Corporate Retreat Dining

Enjoy Quality and Flexibility at Our Villa With a Private Chef

At Villa Punto de Vista, we believe in creating personalized, luxurious experiences for our guests. We provide a high-quality service that meets your group’s needs and preferences with the greatest accommodation and convenience.


The best and most memorable meals come from fresh, hand-selected, and sometimes imported ingredients that reflect your tastes. At Villa Punto de Vista, we want to expand your options beyond fixed prices, and we believe that you deserve nothing short of the finest ingredients possible. At our villas, you can have the most outstanding private chef in Costa Rica ready to prepare delectable meals for your group.


With so many adventures in Manuel Antonio, from sport fishing to canopy tours, it’s likely you will miss meals at the villa. There is no need to pay for them! We want to free you from a strict schedule and meal plan so you can enjoy your time and meals as you, please.

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Gastronomy Add-Ons

Experience a couple’s cooking class during your stay. On top of offering a premier Costa Rica rental with a chef for an elevated dining experience, we can also teach you our culinary secrets. Classes focus on Costa Rican and International cuisine and are customizable to any food lifestyle. Our selection of ingredients includes:

  • Locally sourced fresh fish
  • Hormone-free meats
  • Local fruits and vegetables

You’ll leave with a full stomach and the skills to recreate some of your favorite Villa Punto de Vista Estate dishes at home.

Become an amateur sommelier with our fun wine pairing lessons. Enjoy tasting a variety of wines and learn how to pair food and drink for a refined and complementary eating experience.

Experience the Delicacies of Chocolate

Learn the art of chocolate-making and leave with some delicious chocolate of your own creation. Experience why cacao, the bitter bean from which chocolate is made, was once the leading export in Costa Rica.

Our concierge team will coordinate a luxurious food experience for you and your group. Leave the details to us while you sit back and experience the beauty and vibrancy of Costa Rican and International cuisine and culture.

Book Your Stay at Our Costa Rica Villas With a Chef Today

Are you looking for Costa Rica vacation rentals with a chef? We have that and more. Dining at Villa Punto de Vista will enable you to experience the culture and traditions of Costa Rica from the comfort and luxury of our villas. Create memories with your close friends and family as you sample local foods in our villas’ intimate and private environment.

Enjoy the convenience and luxury of a private chef when you stay at Villa Punto de Vista. View our availability today to reserve your customized Costa Rican culinary experience in paradise.

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client testimonials

Magnificent property for a truly magical event

Everything was beyond perfect. Every view, room, and feature completely breathtaking. Each day was better than the next. All of our guests were in awe and jaws were dropped with every corner turned. The staff was absolutely incredible and we’ve never felt better taken care of. And most importantly, all of our friends and family remarked on it being amongst the best experiences of their lives. Many tears were shed at checkout as we were sad it had to end, but so very happy it happened.


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Everything we expected and more!

We are a group of 6 couples aged 40-60 who travel 5 star and stay in luxury villas often. Punto de Vista was one of our favorites. It started with Gloriela months before assisting with our itinerary and provisions. The professionalism and attention to detail were impeccable. Upon our arrival, we were blown away with the architecture and how well laid out the villa is. It’s absolutely picturesque. The location couldn’t be better as it sits right in the middle of nature at its finest. Monkeys, sloths and Tucans surrounded us daily. The beach was a beautiful 10 minute walk...


client testimonials

Home away from home

This place will make anyone speechless! When I say it’s our home away from home, I truly mean it! The best wildlife, the best staff, the best breakfast and the best drinks. The staff truly have become a second family! We loved it the first time, we loved it the second visit and we’ll continue to love it for always! BOOK this piece of paradise

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the reservation include a private villa chef?

Breakfast chef, yes! Every day you stay with us, you’ll be treated to a gourmet breakfast lovingly prepared by your onsite—and always smiling—cook. This includes fresh fruit, traditional dishes like gallo pinto, eggs, fresh pastries and breads, and more.

For other meals, we can provide recommendations for a private chef.

Can chefs accommodate dietary restrictions?

Of course. We ensure that our breakfast chefs are talented and well-trained, and we only suggest chefs and caterers we trust to serve our guests with the best flavors and service. This includes necessary accommodations for dietary restrictions or allergies. 

They can whip up fresh, delicious fare that is: 

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher
  • Allergies
  • Other dietary needs

Our guests love private chefs so that meals can be tailor-made for everyone, including children.

What are some unique dining experiences guests typically enjoy?

Every dining experience is elevated when you can see the stars and indulge in the sounds of the sea and the jungle on our rooftop terrace or dining terrace. But beyond that, our guests love to book tasting dinners or wine-pairing dinners with our sommelier. You can even do a cooking class if you’d like!

Where’s the best place in the villa to enjoy meals? 

Really, anywhere! You have commercial kitchens with luxury furnishings, terraces with views of the jungle and the Pacific Ocean, or social spaces where you can gather around the bar. It’s really up to you and your mood!

What types of foods are popular in Costa Rica that we could consider for our wedding catering menu?

Costa Rica has a few traditional dishes, including: 

  • Gallo Pinto: A staple dish made with rice and black beans, often mixed with onions, bell peppers, and spices. It’s commonly served as a breakfast dish.
  • Casado: A traditional lunch dish that typically includes rice, black beans, plantains, salad, and a choice of protein such as chicken, beef, or fish. It’s a well-balanced meal.
  • Arroz con Pollo: Chicken with rice is a common dish, prepared with a flavorful mix of rice, vegetables, and chicken.
  • Tamal: A dish made of masa (corn dough) filled with various ingredients like meat, vegetables, or cheese, wrapped in banana leaves, and then steamed.
  • Ceviche: Costa Rican ceviche is often made with fresh fish, lime juice, cilantro, onions, and peppers. It’s a refreshing and popular seafood dish.
  • Chifrijo: A popular bar snack that includes a mix of rice, beans, pork, and pico de gallo.
  • Plantains: Fried or mashed plantains are commonly served as a side dish in Costa Rican meals.
  • Yuca Frita: Fried cassava (yuca) is a popular side dish, often served with a dipping sauce.
  • Salsa Lizano: A popular condiment in Costa Rica, this slightly sweet and tangy sauce is used to enhance the flavor of many dishes.

You can try these with takeout options or restaurants close by recommended by your concierge, or hire a private chef who specializes in Costa Rican cuisine. Even better, you can book a Costa Rican cooking class so you can learn how to make it and bring the recipes home.

Do you have an example of a menu a private chef can put together for dinner at the villa?

Of course! Here are a few to explore.

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