A History of Villa Punto de Vista

The Big Idea

The concept for Villa Punto de Vista was born from the notion that the traditional hotel/resort lacks the privacy and personalized attention of a private villa, yet private villas lack the size and event-oriented infrastructure of most hotels.

We combined these ideas for a new paradigm in luxury group travel that we felt the villa would perfectly accommodate everything from family reunions/milestone birthdays to destination wedding groups as well as corporate and wellness retreats.

The Location

We had seen some amazing villas around the world, and many are located in some amazing locations. But few had that which Manuel Antonio is so famous: Transcendentally panoramic views, un-real tropical flora and fauna (bordering it’s world famous national park), a juxtaposition of always green mountains and a turquoise sea. Add to that a robust eco-conscious infrastructure of tours & activities, restaurants and accommodations and only a short distance to a major airport. Manuel Antonio just felt right…


Transitioning this unique design from concept to reality proved challenging…

Phase One of the project began with the construction of the meticulously detailed, guest cottage. It would not be until years later and after extensive planning and structural steel pre-fabrication that Phase Two of construction on the main villa would begin. From an elaborate foundation and retention system built directly onto excavated bedrock to the logistics necessary to transport entire 3-story sections of girders and formed-columns to the site the project was complex.

Once the structure was completed we then incorporated as many recycled and locally-sourced building materials as possible. Recycled glass was utilized in the villa’s exterior and innovative roofing tiles made from recycled plastic bags were selected. Only sustainably-harvested teak wood was sourced for every artisan-crafted wood element and detail throughout as was locally quarried rose-sandstone. These are just a few of the elements incorporated in the villa’s design that truly make Punto de Vista unique and a complement to it surroundings for our future guests.

A Most Unlikely First Guest…

For architect David Konwiser, the opportunity to not only sculpt the concept for the villa but then design and construct it a well was already a dream come true. Then add to that his professional hero of design and last living father of modern architecture, Mr. I.M. Pei designer of the world-renowned “glass pyramid” at the Louvre in Paris was the first overnight guest of the villa – well, you can imagine…it was a pretty big deal!

David sums it up like this,

“Picture that you open a small real estate office in an obscure foreign country and on the first day you open your doors, Donald Trump walks in a does a huge land-deal with you. That’s pretty much what happened to me when I.M. Pei came to Villa Punto de Vista…”

David had the magnificent opportunity to meet him as well on the first day of his stay and his story on this most improbable happening.

Villa Punto de Vista: A Family Undertaking

From concept to completion, Villa Punto de Vista is a story of ambition, architecture and entrepreneurship as well as a story of family…

Cecilia, the “Mother of Ambition” and the mother of two sons knew that the timing was right to build something special in her homeland of Costa Rica. David, the architect, and older son to Cecilia, agreed with the plan – left the USA – and brainstormed the vision for Villa Punto de Vista in both form + function. Christien, the other son and business school graduate with entrepreneurial spirit had gained experience in the travel industry prior to completion of the villa. He knew that his skills were needed to make Villa Punto de Vista “fly”.




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