Villa Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Villas Address?

The villas address is found in this Waze link. 

For customs or general directions use the following:


Villa Punto de Vista, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


Villa La Isla, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica



Is the villa in a Hurricane Zone?

Fortunately, it is not! We are located on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast and sheltered entirely by tropical storms and hurricanes un-like Mexico and the Carribean.

Is the villa all-inclusive?

It can be, as we do offer many of the benefits of a resort-style, all-inclusive package, coupled with the privacy and quality of a private villa. We’re happy to pre-stock Villa Punto de Vista with beverages, mixers, snacks, and groceries, upon request and at cost. (Although unlike a resort, we never mark-up for pre-stocked items.)

So why do we work like this? Simple: Quality and flexibility.

Quality: The best, most memorable meals are made from the freshest, hand-selected and [usually] local ingredients that reflect your tastes. At Villa Punto de Vista, we don’t want to limit your options with prix fixe menus, and we believe that you deserve nothing short of the finest ingredients possible.

Flexibility: With so many adventures in Manuel Antonio, from sport fishing to canopy tours, it’s likely you’ll miss at least a few meals at the villa. And we won’t make you pay for something you don’t need.

Okay, so what does the rate include?

All stays include luxury accommodation with daily gourmet breakfast, including champagne mimosas, locally harvested coffee, and fresh fruits and juice. Housekeeping keeps your rooms neat and tidy, and will launder your linens. A self-serve washing machine is available for personal use. Your stay also includes complimentary vacation planning (everything from transportation to tours) and full-time private staff, including your estate manager, pre-arrival concierge, butler/bartender, housekeeping, maintenance and 24-hour security.

While transportation to and from the villa is not included (our pre-arrival concierge can arrange that), your stay does include our 6-passenger Polaris Ranger buggy, chauffeured by our Estate Manager.

What are some additional costs we should budget for?

The cost of your extras varies per your personal preference and vacation style. Generally speaking, additional costs include: Flights to/from Costa Rica, transportation to/from the villa, grocery pre-stocking (we’re happy to stock the kitchen for you, at cost), tours & activities, restaurant or private chef services and optional staff gratuity.

Do We Offer Discounts?

Villa Punto de Vista usually books 12-18 months in advance, but rare last-minute opportunities, select dates, and longer stays may be eligible for a special reduced rate. Please contact us for more information.

Should I Book In Advance?

Book early! Villa Punto de Vista is a popular venue for Manuel Antonio destination weddings, which are often planned months in advance. The villa is usually reserved for the next 12-18 months, so be sure to book early.

What is the maximum occupancy at Villa Punto de Vista?

Villa Punto de Vista sleeps up to 30 guests (adults and children) and Villa la Isla sleeps up to 18.

Our party is too big – can you find another villa nearby for the rest of our family?

Yes, we are happy to help, book, at no extra cost, alternate luxury accommodations for overflow guests. We have partner villas (some within walking distance) and hand-selected hotels in all price ranges no more than minutes drive/walk from the villa.

*Transportation between Villa Punto de Vista and local villas and hotels is easy! Your guests can summon an inexpensive official red taxi within minutes from their hotel or villa.

What amenities are available in the rooms?
  • En-Suite Bathroom
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A Laptop-Sized Safe
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron (and small ironing board)
  • Steamer (by request)
  • Fresh Towels Daily
  • Liquid Hand-Soap, Body-Wash, Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Robes
  • Apple iPad with Airplay for in-room music
  • Pack-N-Play (by request – 2 available)
Is the villa equipped with air-conditioning?

Ocean breezes and cleverly placed fans are often enough for our guests (and great for the environment), but comfort is our top priority and air-conditioning is provided in all guest rooms and indoor social areas of the villa.

Is there internet access?

Yes, broadband, Wi-Fi internet is available throughout the villa’s guest rooms and social areas.

Is there cable or satellite television?

Yes, Villa Punto de Vista is equipped with cable TV service showing many US channels and major sporting events.

Do I need outlet adapters?

Costa Rica uses the same 120V outlets that you’ll find in the U.S. Our global visitors will need adapters to plug in chargers, bathroom appliances, and other electronics. Alternately, we’ll be happy to purchase adapters for you in advance of arrival.

Does the villa have any restrictions regarding children?

Villa Punto de Vista is not only kid-friendly, but children-welcoming! We love our younger guests, and even have some complimentary kiddie gear available, like pack-and-plays, high chairs, pool toys, board games, Sony PlayStation 4, etc.

What rooms can accommodate 3+ guests?

Our Ice, Red, and Toucan suites are best suited to 3+ guests.

Are pets allowed?

We’re sorry, but we have a no-pets policy at Villa Punto de Vista. This makes it easier to keep the villa in pristine condition and, more importantly, keeps our home comfortable for guests who suffer from allergies. Nevertheless, please let us know if you believe you have an exceptional case (e.g. service animals).

Is it possible to get married, renew our wedding vows or hold a private party at the villa?

Yes, Villa Punto de Vista and Manuel Antonio offer a romantic (and picture-perfect) location for weddings, vow renewals, and other events. Please see our Weddings Section or Weddings FAQ for more details.

Does the villa have an elevator or wheelchair-accessible entrance?

For the elderly or handicapped the elevator, ramps, and wide doorways mean everyone is included. And the villas’ speedy commercial-grade elevators rapidly link all floors for convenience.

Will there be other guests on the estate during our stay?

No, the only other guests you’ll see will be the ones in your party! We are in the unique position of welcoming only one group at a time. Today more than ever our loyal guests treasure the private spaces and experiences we provide, your home away from home, with all the staff, facilities and amenities of a 5-star resort.

How far is the villa from the beach?

The Punto de Vista estate is only a short walk to the beach so you can enjoy both the jungle and the sea during your stay. Or, take a ride in your complimentary beach buggy to be transported to one of Manuel Antonio’s famous nearby beaches even faster.

Is Manuel Antonio LGBTQ-friendly?

Yes. Manuel Antonio has an established LGBTQ scene with many gay-friendly events, restaurants, and accommodations. From the growing art community to the range of upscale cuisine and accepting residents, Manuel Antonio offers an enjoyable respite for people from all walks of life.


What do I need to travel to Costa Rica?

For U.S. and  Canadian citizens, a valid passport (Valid for 90 days from the day of entry) is required to enter Costa Rica. Upon arrival, Costa Rican Immigration will stamp your passport with an entry stamp (up to 90 days); your passport must have at least one page available for your entry stamp. If you are a citizen of another country, please speak with your embassy or consulate regarding entry requirements to Costa Rica. (NOTE: Your passport must be in good condition and may not have any rips, tears or missing pages,Valid for 90 days from the day of entry otherwise you may be denied entry.)

Do minor children have any additional requirements?

Possibly. Children under 18 years of age have special exit requirements, so if your children will not be accompanied by both parents, you should bring a notarized letter of permission to travel, signed by the parent(s) not traveling. It’s also a good idea to bring an official copy of your child’s birth certificate.

What is the currency of Costa Rica?

Local currency is the Costa Rican colón (plural: colones). Though the exchange rate fluctuates daily, the easy-to-remember rule is that USD$1 = ¢500. (Examples: ¢2,000 is about $4.)

Where can I exchange money?

ATMs throughout Costa Rica make it easy to withdraw cash from your foreign bank account. Our advice is to bring some U.S. dollars with you, to tide you over from arrival to your fist ATM run, but you won’t need traveler’s checks or personal checks vary.

Do stores and vendors accept credit cards?

Most vendors and stores accept major credit cards (though American Express is a toss-up in Costa Rica, Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted), Insider tip: Many stores & boutiques also give discounts for using cash.

Is tipping expected?

Though tipping is not customary in Costa Rica, it is always welcome, especially in the tourism industry. If you would like to tip in recognition of a job well done, we’ll be happy to help you determine an appropriate gratuity. Please note that, by law, a 10% restaurant gratuity are included in your bill.

Can I drink the water?

Yes, the water in Costa Rica is generally considered safe to drink. If you have a very sensitive system, or are concerned that something could disagree with you, you can play it safe with bottled water.

What should I pack?

Pack for warm weather and lots of sun. For most, that means sunglasses, a few swimsuits, a beach towel, hats, lots of sunblock and insect repellent, loose clothing, a few pairs of nice (but warm-weather) outfits for evenings out, sandals, hiking shoes, a camera, and your phone. If you’re visiting during the rainy season, throw in an umbrella and a light jacket.

Definitely pack your passport, driver’s license, and credit cards. If traveling with minors, pack an official copy of their birth certificates. A guidebook and English/Spanish dictionary are also helpful.

We also invite you to participate in Pack for a Purpose, a way to give back if you are able. Pack for a Purpose is a charity that links travelers to local, community-based projects. With charity in mind, you can reserve a small amount of suitcase space for items desperately needed in local communities. Needs are identified and regularly updated, so you can be sure what you donate will go to good use. We hope you will consider giving back to a country we know you will enjoy.

Will my cell phone work in Costa Rica?

Most cell phones will work in Costa Rica, but you should check with your home provider before travel. Also bear in mind that international roaming charges can add up quickly. Alternately, you can purchase an inexpensive SIM card locally upon arrival.

We also recommend installing Viber or WhatsApp on your smartphone before travel. These apps allow you to text and call friends and family who also install the app.

What time is it there?

Costa Rica is 6 hours behind Greenwich Mean time, and does not observe Daylight Savings Time. That means that for half the year, Costa Rica is one hour behind the U.S. East Coast; the other half of the year, we’re two hours behind.


What will the weather be like?

In a word, glorious! Temperatures in Manuel Antonio hover in the 70º-89º F range year-round, with about a 5º daily variance. During Costa Rica’s dry season (December-May), we receive very little or no rainfall. (Although remember, it is the rainforest!) During the rainy, or green season, you can expect beautiful mornings and early afternoons, with rain in the late afternoon. September and October are the rainiest months – but they’re also whale-watching season! Every month has something to offer here.

Speaking of whales, what other wildlife will I spot at and around the villa?

Wildlife is one of the best things about Punto de Vista. During your stay, you could spot squirrel (titi) monkeys, white-faced monkeys, howler (congo) monkeys, toucans, parrots, scarlet macaws, two- and three-toed sloths, coatimundis, and kinkajous (honey bears), to name a few!

What can I see and do around Manuel Antonio?

There is so much to do and see that it’s impossible to do it all in one week. The beauties of Manuel Antonio area & National Park are just a few minutes from your front door, dozens of beaches line locals coasts, Exotic Waterfalls, Pineapple and Banana Plantations, Cinamon Farms & a plethora of Ocean Fun. Beyond that, we encourage you to check out our activities suggestions for more great things to do.

Are there any safety concerns?

Yes, lots – but it’s not what you’re thinking! Being so close to the equator, and so close to gorgeous beaches and ocean, we have a few unique safety concerns. First and foremost, be sure to protect yourself from the sun – it’s stronger here than back home – with sunscreen, hats, SPF clothing, and other precautions. And drink lots of water, so you don’t get dehydrated.

Also, arm yourself to combat mosquitoes. Villa Punto de Vista is elevated, so winds help keep the bugs in check. Nevertheless, mosquitoes are common in the tropics, so be sure to pack a bottle of your favorite bug repellent.

Finally, if you dip your toes into the Pacific, beware of riptides. They’re strong and they’re dangerous, so always be very, very careful with where you swim and who’s around. The buddy system works!

If I don't rent a car, will it be easy to get around Manuel Antonio?

Yes, taxis are widely available and incredibly easy to use. Oliver will be happy to call a taxi for you, whenever you require. You’ll also have access to our 6-person Polaris buggy for any beach trips!

Are there plenty of restaurants and nightlife nearby? What kind of food can we expect when dining out?

Yes, there are dozens of family, casual and fine dining restaurants, as well as bars and nightlife locales, near Villa Punto de Vista. (Check out some of our recommendations!) On the gastronomic front, Costa Rican cuisine focuses on fresh, local ingredients: lots of fruits and vegetables, plus chicken, beef and seafood. Upscale area restaurants dish up a rainbow of ingredients, flavors and international inspirations, with an emphasis on tropical delicacies and seafood fresh from the Pacific.

Are there medical services nearby?

Yes, in the event of injury, illness or medical emergency, Villa Punto de Vista has a 24-hour emergency response service that will attend you. Alternately, the area’s main hospital is about 15 minutes from the villa.

What are normal business hours?

Most shops are open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., while restaurants stay open until 10 p.m. and bars close around 1 a.m.

What types of souvenirs can I purchase locally?

Costa Rican-made souvenirs range from knickknack to heirloom quality, with some really special items in between. Costa Rican coffee and local hot sauces are always popular, and handmade wood crafts, ceramics, jewelry, hammocks and leather crafts make for great gifts to take home. For a little more authentic Souvenirs. Ask about visiting the BRI BRI Indian reservation. The descendants of the local Indians are famous for their colorful hand made and painted traditional masks or some spices at the local Spice Farm!


How far in advance should we book?

Villa Punto de Vista usually books 12-18 months in advance, so we recommend making your villa reservation as early as possible.

Is there a minimum night stay requirement?

Yes: Throughout the year, we have a minimum stay of 5 nights. During the holiday season (Christmas and New Year’s), our minimum stay is 7 nights.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Welcoming you to a clean, sparkling villa is our highest priority. Generally speaking, Villa Punto de Vista offers check-in at 2:00 p.m. and check-out at 10 a.m. However, if you require earlier check-in or later check-out, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Are discounts available?

Generally speaking, no, since the villa books so far in advance. That said, rare last-minute opportunities, select dates, and longer stays may be eligible for a special reduced rate.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes, we require a damage deposit. We’ll return your security deposit, minus any repairs, within four weeks of check-out.

What are the payment terms for my reservation?

Upon booking, we require a 50% deposit on your total rental fee. The remaining 50% balance will be due 60 days prior to check-in. We accept payment by bank wire, and can also take major credit cards for an additional 5% bank processing fee.

Payments are normally structured like this:

Payment 1 – 50% to hold the dates
Payment 2 – 25% ½ way till check in
Payment 3 – 25% 6 months till check in

Payments can bank wires (no fees beyond any international wire fees your bank might charge) or we also accept Visa and Mastercard. Card payments, however, do incur a 5% bank service charge. It is possible to charge only select payments to minimize bank fees.

For check-ins within 6 months we will require payment in full to secure the dates.

NOTE: For upcoming dates within 9 months of check-in we will require a deposit of 50% and a following 50% payment within 60 days after the deposit. For check-ins within 6 or less months we will require payment in full to secure the dates.

Each person in my group is paying for their own rooms. Can they each pay you individually?

Villa Punto de Vista is rented by a single party. We’re sorry, but we cannot accommodate separate room payments at this time.

Do you require a security deposit?

Yes, we require a damage deposit. We’ll return your security deposit, minus any repairs, within four weeks of check-out.

What's your cancellation policy?

Once the villa rental dates have been guaranteed, which means we have received your initial deposit, we cannot provide a refund for a cancellation. We highly recommend that you consider Trip Insurance with Travel Guard for full coverage for any reason.

Do I need to purchase trip insurance?

We highly recommend it. Trip insurance covers your unexpected circumstances (Last minute Trip Cancellation, Weather situations, or medical emergencies are all covered in International Travel Insurance for everyone at the villa.) We have had clients who have worked with Travel Guard.

Is there a phone number I can leave with family members?

Yes, upon arrival. You will be given a Toll free number that you can give to Family members to contact you. Also, we have a open Skype account as a backup which has a direct dial number.

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Magnificent property for a truly magical event

Everything was beyond perfect. Every view, room, and feature completely breathtaking. Each day was better than the next. All of our guests were in awe and jaws were dropped with every corner turned. The staff was absolutely incredible and we’ve never felt better taken care of. And most importantly, all of our friends and family remarked on it being amongst the best experiences of their lives. Many tears were shed at checkout as we were sad it had to end, but so very happy it happened.


client testimonials

Everything we expected and more!

We are a group of 6 couples aged 40-60 who travel 5 star and stay in luxury villas often. Punto de Vista was one of our favorites. It started with Gloriela months before assisting with our itinerary and provisions. The professionalism and attention to detail were impeccable. Upon our arrival, we were blown away with the architecture and how well laid out the villa is. It’s absolutely picturesque. The location couldn’t be better as it sits right in the middle of nature at its finest. Monkeys, sloths and Tucans surrounded us daily. The beach was a beautiful 10 minute walk...


client testimonials

Home away from home

This place will make anyone speechless! When I say it’s our home away from home, I truly mean it! The best wildlife, the best staff, the best breakfast and the best drinks. The staff truly have become a second family! We loved it the first time, we loved it the second visit and we’ll continue to love it for always! BOOK this piece of paradise

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