About Costa Rica Coffee: The 4 Most Popular Coffee Growing Regions in Costa Rica

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As you enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon pick-me-up, do you ever wonder about the origin of the delicious black liquid you’re consuming? It’s no surprise that coffee plays a key role in the Costa Rican economy. Our nutrient-rich soil, climate and topography make Costa Rica a premier location for not only the best beaches, but also for growing some of the best coffee in the world.

Throughout the country, several regions produce some amazing beans, creating a fantastic brew that will change your life. Some of the most popular coffee growing regions in Costa Rica include:


Central Costa Rica is home to some of the finest coffee bean production in the world. Harsh micro-climates expose the coffee beans to quick and significant temperature changes, which results in a hard, high-quality bean. In addition to the climate and almost constant rainfall, plants in this region are grown in a volcano-enriched soil.

This type of soil is enriched with numerous minerals that make it incredibly fertile and ideal for growing quality coffee beans.

Tres Rios

This mountain region produces some of the most sought-after coffee in the world. Although it’s the smallest region in Costa Rica, it is still known around the globe as some of the best coffee in the world. Many coffee enthusiasts consider Tres Rios as the “Bordeaux” of coffee growing regions because of the quality of beans produced. Similar to Poas, Tres Rios coffee is grown in volcano-enriched soil from the Irazu Volcano nearby. Unlike other regions, Tres Rios has two marked seasons with significantly different weather patterns. The dry season and wet season produce ideal growing conditions for a high-quality coffee bean.


As the largest coffee growing region in Costa Rica, it’s estimated that Terrazu accounts for up to 35% of all coffee grown in the country. Located in the foothills of the Quepos Mountains, this region’s high altitude creates nuanced flavor profiles that are considered some of the best in the world.

As the largest growing region, Terrazu has enjoyed numerous innovations and advancements in coffee growing and processing technology, making Terrazu coffee among the purest blends in the world.


When a coffee bean from Naranjo wins national praise and the Cup of Excellence at an annual competition for four years, you know the coffee must be good. Naranjo is part of the Central Valley of Costa Rica and, for the most part, is considered an agricultural town.

Once famous for its orange groves, Naranjo is now famous for producing flavorful and exceptional coffee beans that have gone on to win competitions and please the palettes of people all over the world.

Costa Rica’s diverse climate, topography and rich, fertile soil produce some of the best conditions in the world for growing coffee. Each of these regions is different and produces coffee that is also unique, however, one thing is for sure, nowhere else in the world will you find such passion and pride for quality coffee.

At Villa Punto de Vista we’re not only proud of our coffee, but also all the amazing experiences that Costa Rica has to offer.

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