Top 5 Best Beaches in Manuel Antonio

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Best Beaches In Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio is a small oceanside village located off the Pacific coast – so it’s no surprise that this village is host to many beautiful beaches. Below is our list of the six best beaches in Manuel Antonio.

Playa Espadilla

With sands that stretch out along Manuel Antonio’s coastline for more than a mile, this beach is particularly popular with tourists and is the closest to the downtown area of Manuel Antonio. This long curve of sand is just outside of Manuel Antonio National Park.

Playa Espadilla Sur

Located inside Manuel Antonio National Park, Playa Espadilla Sur is the last beach you come to inside the park. On the north side of Punta Catedral (a former island topped with forested cliffs), Playa Espadilla Sur is connected to our 3rd best beach in Manuel Antonio by a thin, natural land bridge or a “tombolo”. This beach is fairly calm but can be dangerous in rough conditions, so be mindful of the currents.

Playa Manuel Antonio

As mentioned above, this beach is separated from Playa Espadilla Sur by a land bridge (formed by sand accumulations). This beach is host to tidal pools and offers the opportunity to go snorkeling. Rated as one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world, Playa Manuel Antonio is a half mile long with white sands and bordered by deep green mangroves and palms. Also known as one of the best swimming beaches in Costa Rica, Playa Manuel Antonio can get busy early in the day – be sure to arrive before 10 am to secure your spot for the day.

Playa Bisaenz

This public beach is a little hidden but well worth the effort. If you’re looking to escape the crowds, head to nearby Punta Quepos, a small peninsula that shelters the lovely Playa Biesaenz. A short trail walk will take you to tropical trees and lovely cream-colored sands. But be sure to get there early in the day – in the afternoon, the sun isn’t directly overhead and the high cliffs act as a natural shelter, so it can get rather dark.

Playa La Macha

Another great beach option if you’re looking to avoid the crowds, Playa La Macha is quiet and serene. Enjoy some solitude while you sunbathe because you’ll find nothing but a cozy cove and beautiful foliage. Be prepared for a tricky trek to get to Playa La Macha – the trail can be difficult to locate initially and the path can be windy and narrow. But the hike is well worth it when you realize you have your own private beach to enjoy.

During your stay at Villa Punto de Vista, sand and surf will likely be the focal point, and visiting this exciting list of beaches will help you enjoy your Costa Rica experience to the fullest!

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