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The concept of destination weddings has long been plagued by logistics. Most of us would jump at the chance for a luxury boutique, all-inclusive wedding in Costa Rica, but the sheer magnitude of the undertaking usually leaves us settling for something less spectacular.

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Many questions arise when researching all-inclusive villas and rentals for your special event. For example:

  • Will the villa concierge help us with the process?
  • Is this going to make things infinitely more stressful?
  • Will parrots, monkeys and sloths be attending?

Enter Villa Punto de Vista, which has risen to dominance as the country’s best luxury all-inclusive wedding villa — and whose answers to these questions are: 1) yes, 2) no and 3) absolutely.


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Why Have a Destination Wedding in the First Place?

Many couples will consider a destination wedding and make this choice a reality for their nuptials. But why?

The answer: Destination weddings tend to outshine traditional weddings in many ways — and it isn’t just because of their flashier backdrops. Some of the winning points:

  • Quality Time: One of the biggest draws of all-inclusive destination weddings is the quality time they allow you to spend with your guests. Because destination weddings typically take place over more than just a day or two, you will be able to connect more with loved ones instead of just catching quick chats.
  • Cost: Holding your wedding in a tropical paradise must be more expensive, right? Not necessarily. The cost of the average destination wedding is actually several thousand dollars cheaper than a domestic one. Several factors play into this: number of guests, number of guests paying for their own packages, combining a wedding and honeymoon, and less need for elaborate expenses. It’s a win-win.
  • Guest List: Destination weddings are perfect for those who wish to have a more intimate wedding. Villa Punto de Vista does accommodate up to 30 overnight guests and 120 event guests, though — so if a big party is your cup of tea, we can make it happen!


intimate destination wedding in costa rica


  • Experience: Let’s face it — we all envy cool and unique experiences. From the photo ops to the sunbathing, from watching monkeys outside your bedroom window to hearing tropical birds sing in the morning, a destination wedding gives the gift of incredible lifetime memories to those dearest to you.
  • Less Stress. You and your guests will be on vacation — not on a stressful sprint to make sure everything goes smoothly. Leaving the routines of daily life behind brings out the joy of the experience itself. And at Villa Punto de Vista, we can take care of all the planning and logistics, so all you have to do is enjoy in a stress-free setting like no other.

Villa Punto de Vista Makes an All-Inclusive Wedding in Costa Rica Feel Effortless

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Our title as 2016’s Best Luxury Villa is no happy accident. We have earned our reputation by identifying what customers desire and delivering results in a bold and innovative way. Our goal is to identify the stressful parts of wedding planning and take them off your hands.


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It all starts with service. Here’s how it looks:

  1. Upon Arrival

Imagine stepping off the plane and feeling the sweet, warm tropical air on your skin, knowing that everything from that moment forward is taken care of for you — your luxurious ride from the airport, refreshing cold cocktails, delicious chef-prepared meals, and sumptuous guest accommodations are waiting.

For our pre-arrival concierge, Gloriela, creating that moment is something to take pride in.

Gloriela will take care of all preparations before you ever set foot in Costa Rica, and she knows first impressions count — that’s why we can arrange a bilingual, professional chauffeur holding your name on a sign in the airport. Whether you want to head straight to the villa or stop at a breathtaking site along the way, you will be comfortably transported there in an air-conditioned, spacious new van. Or if you want to sip on a Passion Fruit Pina Colada a little sooner, enjoy a beautiful 15-minute flight right to Manuel Antonio’s airport.

  1. Wedding Planning

Costa Rica’s best wedding venue naturally only works with the country’s best wedding planners! That’s why you’ll find a list of incredibly talented wedding planners on our website. Each of them are closely connected with the area and have a proven track record of creating magical, stress-free weddings for their clients.


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If you would prefer to bring your own wedding planner, we are more than happy to accommodate. We will work closely with them to ensure all preparations are taken care of.

  1. On-Site Staff

Read any of the glowing reviews from our 158+ weddings, and you’ll see a common point of praise: our outstanding staff. Running a luxury, all-inclusive villa is a 24-hour job, and we couldn’t do it without our world-class crew of butlers, housekeepers and staff members.


villa punto de vista private chef


While you stay with us here at Villa Punto de Vista, our goal is to help you take a vacation from normal life. That is why you will find our staff to be attentive, anticipative and happy to serve.

From tidying up the kitchen to bringing you a refreshing beverage, our staff butlers aim to make you feel like royalty — or, in the words of one reviewer, Beyoncé.

Our housekeepers will keep your villa as fresh and well-kept as the moment you opened the door, and our staff, who put their hearts into making your stay as comfortable and unforgettable as possible, also display an obvious love for the lush and remarkable area in which they work and live. They are here to help at all times, beyond that — they may even get a bit excited to show you a sleepy sloth lounging above the infinity pool. You’ll soon find that it’s hard not to share the excitement with them.


villa punto de vista honeymoon suite


  1. Gourmet Breakfast

As an Irish Proverb put it, “Laughter is brightest in the place where food is.”

We tend to be surrounded by a good bit of laughter here — whether it is on the beach or on the fringes of the singing, green jungle — but we cannot deny that our gourmet breakfasts tend to awaken it in people.

Most people start with our gourmet Costa Rican coffee. Then there is the spread of authentic Costa Rican food — our handmade empanadas, our authentic Gallo Pinto and the freshest exotic fruits. We also cannot deny our love for a hearty American breakfast, so you will find to-order eggs, pancakes, sausage, toast and potatoes hot and ready for you. And some of our home-baked goods include fresh banana bread and coconut cookies throughout your stay.

A tropical paradise would not be complete without mimosas, and our famous exotic daily passion fruit champagne mimosas are here to prove it. Bon appétit!

  1. Spacious Rooms

We take pride in our spacious, five-star rooms with panoramic views of the rainforest and the Pacific Ocean. The award-winning architectural design of the villa allows our guests feel fully immersed in the surrounding nature while basking in the comfort of a luxurious villa.


award winning all inclusive villa in costa rica


Each room has its own en-suite bath, Swiss-made ergo beds, robes, air conditioning and fans, iPads, organic luxury bath and spa products as well as a mini-fridge. Essentially, you’ll have the accommodations and comfort you’d expect from a five-star hotel — and then some — along with the exclusivity and privacy of your very own villa.

  1. Wedding and Accommodations in the Same Place

Having your guests stay under one gorgeous roof is a huge benefit. Having that roof in the same location as the wedding venue? Perfect.

This makes the occasion more special by allowing more interaction between guests, and it also removes coordination of transportation for your wedding night and/or reception parties. This adds up to more fun, more memories and letting everyone feel included in the festivities — because at Villa Punto de Vista, “all-inclusive” is more than just a package.

For overflow guests and very large parties, we have partner villas nearby ready to help accommodate guests. We also have a friendly open-door policy, so if anyone in your party wishes to come over and enjoy pool parties, Jacuzzi time, cocktails, meals or movie nights with guests at the villa, they are more than welcome to do so.

  1. Help With Booking the Best Tour & Activity Experiences

The average stay for wedding guests in our private luxury villa is approximately five days. That’s plenty of time to plan excursions into the marvelous landscape of Costa Rica.

Whether you fancy high-adrenaline zip-lining, a lazy catamaran tour, hidden waterfalls or lofty volcanic peaks, our travel expert, Gloriela, is at your service.

Gloriela has something of an encyclopedic knowledge of Costa Rica. Tell her what you are after, and she will make it happen.

  1. Seconds to the Beach

Let’s be clear — the sparkling blue waves and magnificent beach are only a short walk away.

But if you would like to get a little extra time to work on your tan and catch some surf, then hop on our open-air, six-person Polaris Ranger Beach Buggy. The estate manager will drive you to the beach and pick you back up again. This service is included and is yours to use any time of day.

  1. Endless Fun

Think of Villa Punto de Vista as a launchpad for fun. Whether you are here for your dream wedding or an all-inclusive family vacation to Costa Rica, there is plenty to keep you busy.

We are located beside the incredible Manuel Antonio National Park, which offers outdoor activities for all ages, energy and adrenaline levels.

If the enchanting green depths of the rainforest are calling to you, we have several ways for you to answer. Perhaps you would like a thrilling and fun trek through the tall trees of the jungle. If so, sign up for one of our popular adventure tours, where you may enjoy the rainforest on foot, horseback or even ATV! You also don’t want to pass up the opportunity to go zip-lining through the canopy, a sport originally invented in Costa Rica and one of the most exciting tours in the area.

Or does that white sand and cerulean ocean water have you spellbound? Explore idyllic beaches and the tiny, pearl-like islands that tempt from the shoreline. Splash through waves and cool off by diving into the warm Pacific waters, or enjoy it from a catamaran or even your own WaveRunner! The water here is 79-80ºF year round, so you will have no hesitation about splashing into the waves.

Numerous family activities are perfect for parents with fun-loving children. Alternatively, if you’d like to keep your golf swing in tune, we invite you to go golfing at a fantastic nearby golf course that is only an hour’s drive along the beautiful coast.

The Unique Story of Villa Punto de Vista

Villa Punto de Vista is not even a decade old, but it blossomed almost immediately into a premier venue for destination weddings and family vacations. Our success is due to the love and inspiration that went into creating this place.

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As a family-run business, we were also lucky enough to share the unique vision for what this place could become.

We started by identifying a gap in the market. The world was full of smaller private villas and luxury hotels, each with their corresponding perks. The villas were exclusive, and the hotels offered luxury, personalized service, and room for larger events. But we couldn’t find any place that combined the privacy of a villa with the luxury and event-readiness of a five-star hotel. This was the gap, and it dawned on us that we could fill it.

Hence, “A Villa Redefined” was born.

We wanted a villa that could accommodate all varieties of memorable get-togethers: destination weddings, wellness retreats, family reunions and more. But it wouldn’t be enough for the resort to fit more people, or simply to offer top-notch service — a certain energy had to emanate from the place itself.

So we chose 2.5 acres of the most beautiful ocean view rainforest we had ever seen, located next to a pristine beach and unparalleled biodiversity.

Anyone who comes to Villa Punto de Vista is struck by the beauty of the architecture. This is thanks to Architect & partner David Konwiser, who designed the Villa to be gorgeous, functional, and environmentally friendly. That is why you’ll find reclaimed glass coating the building’s exterior, beautiful roof tiles made from reprocessed plastic bags, and numerous locally-sourced materials in its construction.

David also wanted to build vertically as opposed to horizontally. This lessened the building’s footprint, both physically and environmentally, and allowed him the luxury of 270º, commanding views from every suite.

Another benefit of building vertically: The villa rises like a grand, 6-story tree into the surrounding canopy. You may even get on a first-name basis with the squirrel monkey watching you from a nearby branch. The villa’s glass walls meld indoor and outdoor spaces into one, while slender steel girders allow its airy balconies to seemingly float in mid-air.

The building’s sleek modernism combines with tropical architecture to create a space that is comfortable for all guest types — and is truly a sight worth seeing.

What Costa Rica Has to Offer

Costa Rica is jam-packed with fun for everyone. There is a reason Costa Rica is turning into a hot spot for destination weddings: It offers an endless supply of incredible experiences for you and your guests.


manuel antonio beach in costa rica


There are several areas where Costa Rica clearly beats the competition:

  1. Stunning Landscapes

From the turquoise beaches of two different oceans to the hidden treasures waiting for you in the jungle, Costa Rica is a traveler’s paradise — and Villa Punto de Vista is ready to help you and your wedding guests tackle it.

Swim in mountain streams and marvel at the primal rainforest around you. Visit small villages. Sample the local artisans’ wares. Hike the incredible Arenal Volcano and experience the thrill of gazing over the tranquil coffee plantations far below.

If you also enjoy the hustle and bustle of the big city, go sightseeing in the capital city of San José and take in the Spanish colonial architecture. The city is also the perfect place to learn to dance the bachata and cumbia!

Wherever you wish to go, Villa Punto de Vista has you covered with travel arrangements and help with accommodations.

  1. Summer Fun in the Cold Months

It’s always swimsuit weather in Costa Rica. In Manuel Antonio National Park, the temperature varies between 70º and 89º Fahrenheit throughout the year. You can expect lots of sunshine, occasional afternoon showers and pleasant ocean breezes off the Pacific.

From December until May, we receive little to no rain — so if you’re looking for a late-winter wedding to give your guests some much-needed vitamin D, we are the perfect place for it!

  1. Delicious and Affordable Food

Here in Costa Rica, we are proud of our culinary culture. After tasting our delicious Costa Rican breakfast, you’ll be tempted to venture out and explore the local cuisine — and Costa Rica offers plenty of it.


local cuisine by villa chef


You’ll find such dishes as Gallo Pinto, casado, tres leches cakes, succulent meats and more. Much of Costa Rican cuisine incorporates delicious tropical plantains into its recipes. Our special interpretation of ceviche includes tilapia, citrus, veggies and cilantro, which makes it unique to our country.

  1. Incredible National Parks

Costa Rica sports an impressive 27 national parks. They offer visitors the chance to walk through cloud forests, climb volcanoes and view flora and fauna they may never otherwise see. From remote locations accessible only by plane or boat to the national park right outside your villa door, you will find Costa Rica’s reserves delightful.


villa punto de vista beach


Our very own Manual Antonio National Park is often referred to as the jewel of Costa Rica. Forbes Magazine included it in their 2011 list of the most beautiful national parks in the world, and the second you step into our world, you will see why!

Let Villa Punto de Vista Host Your Dream Wedding

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It’s time to turn the dream of a destination wedding into reality, coupled with less stress, highly competitive rates and the most fun you could ever ask for. Come see why Villa Punto de Vista is number one at hosting all-inclusive destination weddings in Costa Rica!

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