Villa Punto de Vista COVID-19 Safety Protocols

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Find Peace of Mind in Paradise

The team at Villa Punto de Vista Estates looks forward to welcoming you in the near future. Villa Punto de Vista, by concept, has always been yours alone to share with family and friends. Today more than ever our loyal guests treasure the private spaces and experiences we provide, your home away from home, with all the staff, facilities and amenities of a 5-star resort.

We have always been committed to providing peace of mind when you are staying at any of our private villas, allowing you to relax, reconnect and enjoy quality time with friends and family. Our teams have spent the last few months adapting our tailored service and experience to the “post-covid” world, ensuring the safety of our team and guests, while minimizing any compromise on the warm service and attention to detail for which Villa Punto de Vista is known.

We Prioritize Your Privacy & Safety

Being in the unique position of welcoming only one group at the time, we can customize our protocols for each group; tightening or loosening our distancing and service, to meet your preferences – so long as the safety of our guests, teams and government-mandated protocols are respected.

When you are with us at Villa Punto de Vista Estates, all guests will be those you are traveling with. As such, we do not require social distancing between guest themselves as you will be sharing the same property and consider a single bubble, but can arrange protocols among your party as requested.

Villa Punto de Vista Safety Protocols

We go above and beyond the government’s own guidelines in both pre-arrival preparations for your stay and we follow strict COVID procedures while you are with us as well. In preparation for your stay, The villa is totally disinfected between stays with foggers and thoroughly cleaned.

In fact, our villa has obtained the “COVID SAFE ACCOMMODATION” accreditation required by top-tier hotels and hospitality businesses Globally. We use the most advanced technology and products on-site such as HLV foggers, electrostatic sprayers, hospital-grade disinfectants as well as provide multiple alcohol disinfecting stations for your guests to use in both public and bedroom areas of the villa.

While with us, you will notice our staff’s dedication to constant high-contact cleaning as well as our following strict employee guidelines by wearing both masks as well as mask shields at all times near clients. Also, strict entry and exit procedures for both employee and clients, such as temperature checks, hand, shoe & bag disinfection as well as other efforts to minimize risk are enforced.

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General Welcome Procedures

  • Hand sanitizers are positioned throughout the properties, in social areas, rooms as well as including in all back of house staff areas. Guests are requested to sanitize their hands regularly and staff are required to wash/sanitize their hands regularly after touching any surfaces.
  • Staff use a variety of disinfecting/cleaning methods, including hospital-grade disinfecting cleaners, Electrostatic & ULV sprayers, and Disinfecting towels. We likewise will clean all items as they arrive at the property.
  • Face masks & Face Shields will be required by staff while directly servicing guests within the villas. Guest are not required to wear face masks except for during direct service activities such as spa treatments and cooking classes. Masks are available on request at any time for our guests.
  • We will disinfect all luggage with our HLV nebulizers on arrival and although hotel staff will be happy to oblige, guests will be given the option of carrying their own luggage to or inside their rooms.
  • Disposable masks will be available in every room as well as available per request with the concierge.
  • Other than previously agreed to circumstances, Villa Punto de Vista Estate will follow a deep cleaning and disinfecting proceduresbetween check out and check-in of a new group of guests as well as v

Protocols Director, Staff, and Cleaning Standards

  • The Protocols Director at each estate is responsible for implementing safety procedures for our guests, team, and local communities. They will advise our guests of any updates or changes to government-mandated protocols or changes to our own internal policies. Guests can work with the Protocols Director and our GM to customize our protocols to meet their needs.
  • All Villa Punto de Vista staff temperature is taken daily as well as have them use mandatory masks & face shields, constant use of hand sanitizer while on the premises and as always strict hygiene on and off property premises. Additionally, staff members have been trained by eternal auditors and accredited companies for best practices.
  • High contact and direct contact surfaces in all areas are frequently cleaned and sanitized with approved disinfectants and sanitizers throughout your stay. Prior to all stays, there occurs a deep cleaning and sanitization using HLV foggers and Electrostatic Sprayers with approved disinfectants and additional deep cleaning equipment

At Villa Punto de Vista we want to offer the highest level or service and attention and we will be offering daily housekeeping for all our guests during your stay. If you were to prefer a limited housekeeping service or forgo housekeeping services please contact your property’s general manager/concierge to communicate to the staff of your preferred cleaning frequency. In addition, if you would like at any time disinfecting/cleaning products for your own personal use, please ask the concierge.

What does an establishment accredited with the COVID SAFE ACCOMMODATION COSTA RICA ® Stamp represent and why does it stand out from the vast majority as safer establishments?

It represents that you can feel confident and secure because you are staying in an establishment that:

  1. Has made a managerial decision of total commitment to the safety of all people — guests, collaborators, suppliers, and every visitor — to minimize the risk of contagion of the SARS-CoV-2 or Covid-19 coronavirus in each process and facility.
  2. Has implemented a certified Management System that integrates each and every one of the organization’s members and suppliers and has backed it up with a Documentary System that is available to all its clients. Each employee of the establishment has been trained, has a role and commitment to their responsibility in the process.

Villa Punto de Vista stands out over the vast majority of establishments in its market as the safest because we have undergone an external audit process, in charge of a competent ISO leading auditor with at least 600 audit hours corporate experience, which has verified that 170 procedures of the Covid Safe Accommodation Costa Rica® Standard have been in compliance.

Covid Safe Accommodation Costa Rica® Standard Compliance

We can prove professionally, documentarily and reliably that we have implemented all the protocols against COVID-19, established for lodging and food service companies required by the National Health Authority and the Tourism Authority of Costa Rica.

We have also taken a huge step further, in our commitment to offering safe and prepared spaces, by implementing the most demanding protocols and additional measures existing to date, applied by international health authorities and the international hospitality industry.

We have trained and have a continuous training and updating mechanism for our entire team, regarding all the regulations of the national health authority and the bio-security protocols to reduce the risk of contagion of Covid-19 to all people in all interactions.

We have appointed a Manager dedicated to the certified safety and cleaning stamp COVID-Safe Accommodation Costa Rica ® who is responsible together with the General Manager to oversee the daily and continuous application of all protocols and measures. They are personally available to each of the guests to provide all the information and support they require.

Above all, you will receive personalized, kind, and attentive service to whatever your request or the situation may be because you will have chosen an establishment truly committed to you.

This includes:

  • Traceability record
  • Temperature take
  • Contactless payment
  • Disinfected keys
  • Distance signaled for clients
  • Use of masks, face shield by all personnel, and gloves for necessary procedures.
  • Disinfection stations: sinks and alcohol gel in common areas.
  • Contactless access and check-in where possible
  • Disinfection of luggage and belongings

Other safety protocols include:

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols adapted to Covid-19, by trained personnel and with certified products that eliminate the virus.
  • Disinfection and cleaning process supervised by the Standard Manager
  • Rooms disinfected and sealed for exclusive access of the occupying guest.
  • Disinfection and packaging of TV, AV, controls to ensure exclusive use of the occupant guest
  • Withdrawal of all items that are not subject to disinfection.
  • The hotel has a washing machine that guarantees temperatures above 70 ° and where all the dishes are taken.
  • Bed linen and towels disinfected at more than 60 °
  • All whites are disinfected after each stay, even if they have not been visibly used.
  • And more
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I want more information.

Who should I contact?

If you are a guest of an accredited accommodation and want more information, do not hesitate to contact the Standard Stamp Manager of the Establishment to the Quality Department of Consuhotel: and WhatsApp (506) 8987 -7267.

If you wish to receive the document with the detail of the 170 measures and procedures contained in the standard for your safety, as well as the protocols defined by the national authorities, do not hesitate to request it. Your Villa Punto de Vista contact is also at your disposal for any questions.

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