Will Be the Best Trip of Your Life

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Will Be the Best Trip of Your Life

The facilities managers (Diego and Jossue) and the entire staff are unrivaled. They will make your stay feel like heaven on earth and they treat every person in your group like royalty. If there’s a better place to vacation, I’ve never seen or heard of it, and my wife and I have vacationed all over the world! The food is the best you’ve ever had. If you like wildlife then this is a no brainer; monkeys, sloths, parrots, iguanas, toucans all can be seen from your balcony while you’re sitting in your robe drinking coffee. The house itself is something that you have to honestly see to believe (the pictures don’t even do it justice). If you want a beach day then the staff will set you or your group up with a full service beach day where the only work you’ll have to do is to turn the page of the book you’re reading or cracking open one of the great local beers that will already be iced down waiting on you at the beach. If you’re into sports fishing then you probably already know that Costa Rica is second to none, where you will catch blue marlin, yellow fin tuna, sailfish, and mahi mahi barely out of sight from the resort. If you’re debating where to take your next vacation then do yourself a favor and stop debating it and make the decision to choose Punta De Vista. I promise you will talk about this trip the rest of your life and you will also will more than likely have a return trip booked before you leave.

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