it’s literally going to take your breath away!

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it’s literally going to take your breath away!

Like others, we fell in love with Villa Punto de Vista from afar, booked it sight-unseen, and were subsequently blown away when we actually arrived. My husband and I literally looked at each other and asked, “What did we do right in a past life to deserve this place for our wedding?!” If you’re worried about PDV living up to the photos/hype – don’t be, it’s literally going to take your breath away!

You can’t make a mistake while assigning the 10 bedrooms to your guests. Every room is gorgeous and you’ll see beautiful views and spot sloths/monkeys/toucans/oh my! from every corner of the property. All your wedding guests (we had 70) are going to love the venue, suddenly become instagraming fiends, and tell you, “Costa Rica wasn’t on my radar at all but OMG I love this and don’t want to leave!” PDV is pure magic – from the architecture, to the views, to the perfect-for-a-killer-party layout.

What makes the Villa magical though is the owner, David, and the staff: Ollie, Josue, Yessenia, Jaime, Jose, and Rosa. They are the secret sauce to PDV! They always have you and your guests’ comfort at the forefront of their minds. Weddings bring out the best, but also the weird/stressful & having such a fantastic team at our backs was amazing.

PDV is the perfect venue – private, gorgeous, great location, and no noise restrictions or closing times on the main floor. When we first researched the Villa, it looked so perfect & luxurious that we didn’t think it could fit into our budget. We live in Philadelphia, PA and were struggling to find reasonably priced venues that we liked at home. I’m so glad that I reached out to David and our wedding planners, Tropical Occasions for more info!

My only regret is that we didn’t stay longer! No-one was quite ready to leave by the end. David and his team make this place absolute magic & we hope to return for an anniversary in the years to come!

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