Is Costa Rica Suitable For Corporate Retreats?

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Most people who have worked in a corporate environment for some time have experienced corporate retreats or offsite meetings that ended up feeling like a waste of time. Often, the agendas are crammed with team-building exercises, but little opportunity for developing relationships. When they are held in a hotel conference room across town, colleagues are often too preoccupied with what’s going on back at the office to fully engage in the true purpose of the retreat.

So, no matter if you’re considering a corporate retreat to prepare new strategies, brainstorm on a specific project or celebrate a particular achievement or milestone, Costa Rica can be the ideal location for a retreat that will deliver the results you need.

A Real and Complete Break from Business as Usual

If you want the attendees of your retreat to be 100% focused on the task at hand, there is no better way to create a psychological break from their daily routine than by taking them to an exotic location. When your staff is surrounded by the idyllic beauty of rainforests and beaches that is more commonly associated with vacations; they will be more likely to demonstrate creative thinking.

This is not to say that they must be entirely disconnected from the office. Wi-Fi access will allow them the opportunity to stay in touch with clients and co-workers as needed, but the surroundings are likely to restrict these reconnections to the real world to matters that are absolutely crucial.

Costa Rica Corporate Retreats Offer Opportunities for Social Interaction

One of the common goals of corporate retreats is to improve morale and relationships between co-workers. However, when retreats are comprised almost exclusively of meetings in a conference room, peppered with occasional meals, social interaction is limited. Additionally, a packed agenda can also only serve to make the attendees more tired, less productive and grumpy.

On the other hand, if they are all in a shared private villa, with beautiful amenities, and they have the opportunity to have downtime together, their social interactions away from the context of work will probably improve their relationships. This strategy also provides an opportunity for them to recharge their batteries.

To that end, it is important to allow space in the schedule for planned and unplanned fun. By this, I mean, you can plan some great excursions and activities for everyone like zip lining, hiking, or a sunset sail, which will be appreciated by all; but if you also allow for free time, bonds may be formed and great ideas may emerge from conversations around the pool, on the beach or over the BBQ.

What a Corporate Retreat in Costa Rica Says

Corporate event planners often make the mistake of giving the attendees of the retreat a trinket, like a golf shirt emblazoned with the company logo as an expression of employee appreciation. Unfortunately, this can backfire if the perceived value of the item is seen to be a reflection of how much you value your employees. On the other hand, when you plan a corporate retreat in a beautiful destination like Costa Rica, it is a clear expression of the high value you place on your employees and their contributions.

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