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Your FAQs Answered Series: When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Costa Rica?

  • May 23, 2022
  • Villa Punto de Vista

Anytime you plan a trip to a new place, you consider the timing. For that reason, one of the most frequently asked questions we get at Villa Punto de Vista Estate is, “When is the best time of year to visit Costa Rica?” Which, in reality, is a loaded question. There are so many factors and variables, and having experienced all the seasons ten times over, we think each time of year is alluring in its own way. 

Year-round temperatures have highs in the 80s-90s Fahrenheit, which is a welcome change for many of our travelers coming from North America. No matter when you visit, you’ll still get to meet the incredible creatures that call this lush rainforest home. With that said, there are perks to visiting all year round! Ultimately, when it comes to when to visit Costa Rica, personal preference and travel styles are the deciding factors.

So, The Answer? The Best Time of Year to Visit Costa Rica Depends on What You’re Seeking.

When planning your next visit, we recommend looking at what you’re coming here to experience. Here’s our guide to help you determine when the best time of year to visit Costa Rica may be for you and your group.

For the Beach Lovers: December – April, Dry Season

If you’re an ocean lover who is instantly filled with joy the moment your toes hit the sand, the dry season is an excellent time of year for you to visit. Water sports and beach days are absolutely best enjoyed on sunshiny days without a drop of rain, and the dry season in Costa Rica typically provides that on a daily basis. 

During this time of year, it’s safe to book excursions every day on catamarans, fishing boats, or jet skis; to make al fresco dinner reservations at some of the incredible oceanfront restaurants in Manuel Antonio; to take private surf lessons followed by an afternoon laze in the pillowy white sand. 

For the Adventure Seekers: May – August, Green Season

Adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers always love the green season in our experience. The sunny mornings sometimes fade into an afternoon shower, but that doesn’t put a damper on the day when you’re already repelling through waterfalls or rushing through powerful rapids! Plus, it’s nice to cool off with a rain shower after a hot, sunny morning hike through Manuel Antonio National Park. This time of year is also great for surfing because with the change in weather patterns comes some pretty great swells. 

In general, the mornings are sunny, and you may get an hour or so of rain in the afternoon. During that time, you can shower off, enjoy a cup of our signature blend of coffee or a signature cocktail, and take a break to soak in the sounds and scents of this unique locale.

Then, when the rain subsides, you can get back to adventuring and exploring. 

For the Relaxation Chasers: September – November, Rainy Season

There’s a reason spas around the globe play tracks peppered with the pattering raindrops of a summer storm. The rhythmic pattern is scientifically proven to relax and soothe, allowing our overstimulated brains to relax. For that reason, and the fact that Villa Punto de Vista Estate is equipped with plentiful luxury amenities, we think the rainy season is the best time of year to visit Costa Rica for those who want pure relaxation. 

Why? A little rain won’t get in the way of you diving into a book cozied on the rooftop. It won’t stop you from enjoying a multi-course, chef-prepared tasting dinner on the covered terrace with the sounds of rain in the jungle as your soundtrack. In fact, the crisp air of a rainstorm may make your outdoor massage even more rejuvenating with a mist to moisturize dull skin! There are so many ways to relax at Villa Punto de Vista Estate, and a little rain will only enhance your getaway. We’ve always said there’s something special about rainfall in the rainforest, and only the luckiest travelers experience tat for themselves! 

Plus, September and October are the main whale-watching months, so they are also great for nature and wildlife lovers.

A Year-Round Oasis for a Transcendent Escape

No matter what time of year you visit Costa Rica, you’re promised a transcendent experience. You’ll be able to marvel in the lush green treetops, home to species that quickly become friends; spend time soaking up the vibrant rays of sunshine while cooling off with the spritz of an afternoon shower; indulge in fresh fare that offers an authentic taste of this magnificent place. That’s Pura Vida. And we can assure you it’s not purely seasonal.

Want to experience the essence of Pura Vida for yourself? Check availability and decide which season excites you the most. Because really, there’s no best time of year to visit Costa Rica, this destination will enchant you year-round.

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