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  • March 3, 2022
  • Villa Punto de Vista

Corporate retreat location costa rica

Planning a corporate retreat for your team is an excellent method for retaining employees, boosting morale and encouraging productivity in the office. A relaxing and enjoyable company retreat can nurture your employees’ brainpower, helping them unwind, connect and regain energy. Higher-ups and department heads can host retreats to celebrate the end of a successful year or thank their team for their hard work.

Rather than hosting an employee retreat near your company, celebrate your employees by selecting a luxury vacation destination — like Costa Rica — to give your team the retreat of a lifetime. Learn how to plan the best corporate retreat in Costa Rica and the benefits of international retreats with Villa Punto de Vista.

How to Plan a Costa Rican Corporate Retreat

The perfect corporate retreat should encompass a balance of work and enjoyment. Imagine hosting an office meeting in the stunning Costa Rica landscapes.

Organizing a company retreat requires more thought and research than your typical in-office meeting. You’ll need to consider accommodations, activities, work-related events and other plans that complete your retreat schedule. Below are six crucial steps to keep in mind when planning the perfect corporate retreat for your team.

1. Consider Your Company’s Goals

Before you can begin planning a business retreat, you should first determine your desired goals and outcomes for this trip. Planning a retreat without initially explaining the reasoning or your company’s goals may cause employees to question the purpose. Employees should be optimistic about your corporate trip and view it as an opportunity to grow.

What does your company want out of this international corporate retreat? Is it to form stronger team connections, encourage more creative business ideas or learn more about team members? Whatever your reason is, express it thoroughly to your team and base the entire itinerary around this common goal.

Providing your employees with a goal can help them justify the travel time away from personal obligations. Many employees will likely be busy outside of work with spouses, children, pets, hobbies and other commitments. A trip that lasts more than a few days or a week can feel like a substantial commitment for some employees. They may need some valuable reasons why this retreat is necessary. Show them how they and the company can benefit from everyone’s participation in the luxury retreat.

2. Pick the Ideal Traveling Season

When booking travel arrangements for your luxury corporate retreat in Costa Rica, be sure to research weather patterns and seasonal changes. Planning around these factors can help you determine the optimal date to schedule your company retreat.

Costa Rica experiences two distinct seasons:

  • Wet: The wet season, or winter, in Costa Rica is from May through November, which is also known as the Green Season. While travelers can expect more rain and less sunshine, it’s also a great time to travel as it’s less expensive — and less crowded — than peak seasons. Some areas of Costa Rica are wetter than others during this season. The Atlantic slops and southwest and northeast areas of the country all experience high rainfall.
  • Dry: This season lasts from December through April, which is when most travelers visit the area for its beautiful, pristine weather conditions. During summertime in Costa Rica, travelers visit from all over to experience the sights and activities in this exotic country. Enjoy the warm sun on the beach or venture through the rainforest with minimal wetness. Since the weather is more favorable during the dry season, you can expect higher prices and crowd levels around Costa Rica.


When you’re looking at travel dates for your corporate retreat and determining when to schedule the trip, remember to keep Costa Rica’s seasonal differences in mind.

Employees’ schedules are another critical factor to consider when it comes to the time of the year. Employees who have children may prefer traveling during the school year when they don’t need childcare. It’s also beneficial for staff to know what time of year the retreat is to plan the rest of their vacations and personal events accordingly.

3. Choose the Best Location

The venue you pick for group retreat locations can make all the difference in the quality of your trip. Costa Rica is home to exquisite venues that make excellent small corporate retreat destinations. The Villa Punto de Vista in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is a premium option for any retreat you have in mind.

You want a location that includes everything your team will need on your luxury corporate retreats, like delicious gourmet meals, comfortable rooms to stay, beautiful views, friendly staff and plenty of space for meetings and activities.

With its impressive views and gorgeous space to accommodate your entire team, choosing Villa Punto de Vista is easily the best decision you can make for your small corporate retreat. Ensure prime comfort, relaxation and enjoyment for your whole party when you book with our villas.

The luxurious Villa Punto de Vista also provides:

  • Welcoming gathering spaces: Enjoy a private spa, double-edge infinity pool, two bars, a theater room and multiple social areas for optimal team-bonding spaces.
  • Wi-Fi: Your group can connect online for work meetings or reach loved ones back home with complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the social areas and guest rooms.
  • Knowledgeable concierge: When you choose to stay at the Villa Punto de Vista, our experienced staff and concierge will monitor your group’s logistics 24/7.
  • Experienced staff: Enjoy one of the best corporate retreat destinations with plenty of friendly staff who will care for housekeeping, 24-hour security, maintenance and gourmet breakfast every morning.
  • Business center and game room: Your team can hold meetings and gatherings in the business center, which includes a 10-foot projection screen, PlayStation 4 and high-fidelity audio. The game room is also available for team bonding with an entertainment system, pool table and wet bar.
  • Roof-top jacuzzi: Relax and take in the stunning Costa Rican views from the roof deck jacuzzi. The jacuzzi is solar-heated and fits 10 guests with views of Manuel Antonio Bay.

4. Find and Plan Activities

retreat-ideas-pinterestAfter planning your accommodations and goals for this retreat, it’s time to prepare for the high-impact parts of the trip. Along with your team-building exercises and other company-focused activities, you’ll want to explore the unique luxuries of Costa Rica and the thrilling sights that Manuel Antonio has to offer.

Booking your excursions and team activities far in advance can help solidify your itinerary and keep your retreat running smoothly. Enjoy the time leading up to your trip with minimal stress when you book every activity your team desires.

Costa Rica is a pristine paradise where the jungle meets the sea. Travelers can experience countless wildlife species, relax on beautiful beaches and explore other unique aspects of this country. Plan a dream company vacation — and a much-needed escape from the office — by taking advantage of Costa Rica’s stunning natural features.

Some of the top activities and company retreat ideas you should consider booking for your business retreat include:

  • Nature and wildlife tours: Learning about the country’s wildlife is a one-of-a-kind retreat experience. Costa Rica is home to luscious jungles and waterfalls containing various exotic animal species. While you’re enjoying your company retreat, you can schedule multiple wildlife or nature tours that take you into nature parks or the rainforest. Explore these creatures and their homes from an up-close, fascinating perspective. Take your tour by foot, boat, ATV or jet ski.
  • Beach day: If your team needs a day to relax and enjoy the sparkling ocean views, schedule a beach day for your retreat. The Villa Punto de Vista is steps away from beautiful Costa Rican beaches. Your stay will include full access to beach umbrellas, tables, chairs, coolers and a private attendant to give your team a VIP beach day experience.
  • Ziplining: You can experience the ultimate thrilling adventure with ziplining, a prevalent sport in Costa Rica. It’s a significant part of the country’s heritage, so we highly recommend experiencing it while you’re here. Working through various zipline courses and enjoying the adrenaline from cruising fast through the jungle, ziplining is an excellent team activity for employees.
  • Standup paddleboarding: Standup paddleboarding is an activity that continues to grow popular in Costa Rica. Your team can get active while taking in the crystal blue waters, making it an excellent activity for your company retreat. Plan an adventurous outing to paddle between beaches or enjoy coastal views from above the water during your standup paddleboarding endeavor.
  • Whitewater rafting: Whitewater rafting in the tropics of Costa Rica is the perfect activity to plan for your team’s corporate retreat. Take in Manuel Antonio’s luscious jungle scenery while enjoying a thrilling journey down the river. With the help of an experienced guide, you’ll adventure through rapids ranging from Class III to V. You can select your route based on your team’s eagerness for thrill or experience level.
  • Kayaking: With numerous rivers and stunning coastlines in Manuel Antonio, your team can explore the exotic waterways from the comfort of your kayak seats. Incorporating a relaxing kayak trip into your retreat is a phenomenal way to explore the sea more intimately. Become one with the pristine Costa Rican waters when you can schedule a one-of-a-kind kayak tour for your entire team.


5. Encourage Relaxation

This is a new environment for your team to socialize in while you enjoy your stay. You’re all used to the office setting in your typical workday attire, but now you can experience a trip to a tropical location in a stunning villa.

Casual attire should be at the top of each employee’s packing list. Encourage your team to dress comfortably or how they would on a personal trip to Costa Rica. When you encourage others to unwind and enjoy themselves on this retreat, you’ll learn more about your team members and see their personalities shine.

6. Prioritize Comfort and Luxury

Lastly, ensure that every person is comfortable on your international business retreat. To ensure the utmost comfort, provide them with a luxurious VIP resort experience — a well-deserved reward for their hard work.

Your retreat will include various planned activities, sights and amenities. Allow your employees to enjoy these activities at their leisure for a comforting and enjoyable experience.

Before scheduling activities, make sure you run them by every person to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Some people may not enjoy heights, swimming or jungle visits. While introducing people to new activities is great, some may feel apprehensive about participating in a particular activity.

Proposing these activities to your employees shows that you value their input. Try to provide them with the freedom to participate in different activities as they please. Optional experiences help employees feel more at ease, ensuring a more relaxing and enjoyable trip for everyone.

Benefits of International Business Retreats

Hosting a corporate retreat at a beautiful Costa Rica villa is more than just a trip — it’s an opportunity to connect with employees in a new space, work toward a common goal and develop a stronger sense of community. Company retreats are a successful tool for creating a productive workplace. They also provide considerable benefits for each employee and the company.

The main perks of corporate retreats include:

  • Boosted morale: A team with low morale can easily venture away from the path of success. Employees have high collective expectations of their company and want reasons to stay as an employee. Corporate retreats can improve morale and give employees a deeper appreciation for their company.
  • Better team building: Teamwork is significant to any office’s success. Planning an international company retreat encourages team building through scheduled activities and provides plenty of socialization time.
  • Prime relaxation and luxury: Work can become stressful when employees need to reach deadlines, create new ideas and communicate with clients daily. Taking a step away from work and experiencing a tropical paradise can reset the mind and body. A high-end resort provides your employees with a one-of-a-kind luxury experience to remember.
  • Meaningful reflection: Encouraging employees to reflect on their performance and the company is a great way to reinforce their individual purpose and the missions statement of your company.


Why Host Your Retreat in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a stunning location for your company’s corporate retreat. With picturesque beaches, lively jungles, numerous rivers and excursions to explore, this lavish country will pamper your team to the fullest. You’re sure to find something for everyone on your retreat to enjoy, especially when you stay at the most luxurious corporate retreat location, Villa Punto de Vista.

Host Your Corporate Retreat at Villa Punto de Vista

If you’re searching for the best corporate executive retreat location for your team, consider Villa Punto de Vista. With optimal socializing space, a knowledgable staff, stunning views and access to numerous activities in Manuel Antonio, our resort ensures prime comfort, enjoyment and relaxation. Provide your employees with a complete VIP experience when you book with us. Learn more about our availability and rates today!


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