Is an All-Inclusive Micro Wedding Package What You Need?

  • June 23, 2022
  • Villa Punto de Vista

Is an All-Inclusive Micro Wedding Package What You Need?

Having a small wedding doesn’t mean you have to compromise your vision. You can scale back your guest count while still enjoying the celebration you’ve always dreamed of. If you desire a stress-free wedding planning process — which still includes the classic elements of a traditional larger wedding — an all-inclusive micro wedding package may be the right choice.

There’s a lot to consider when planning an all-inclusive micro wedding, like finding the perfect venue, vendors, guest accommodations and more. For this reason, partnering with the right service to assist the planning process is critical. That’s where we come in. Learn more about planning your perfect micro wedding and how we will assist you.

What Is a Micro Wedding Package?

A micro wedding is an intimate event, usually with a guest count of 50 or less. It can still feature the traditions of a larger wedding but on a much smaller scale.

An all-inclusive wedding package is typically provided through a wedding planner or wedding venue. The package entails everything — or nearly everything — you would need for a wedding. This can include catering, decorations, flowers, a venue, accommodations and so on.

So, with all-inclusive micro wedding packages, you can have that small intimate ceremony you’ve always dreamed of while having multiple areas of wedding planning taken care of. The important thing is that you find the right service to handle your all-inclusive micro wedding needs.

Is an All-Inclusive Micro Wedding Package What You Are Looking for?

Wondering if an all-inclusive micro wedding is the right choice for you and your partner? Below are some benefits of a micro weddings to consider:

  • A personal, intimate ceremony: Micro weddings are meaningful, personal and intimate. With no more than 50 guests in attendance, you’ll have ample time to connect more individually with each person. A small wedding allows you to retain the romance and tradition of a larger wedding with the personal touch of a smaller wedding.
  • Stress-free wedding planning: With an all-inclusive package, planning your wedding is a breeze. The venue will refer you to the top wedding planners, photographers, catering services, florists, videographers and other services.
  • A luxury experience: Partnering with the right venue to help plan your dream micro wedding ensures a luxury wedding experience. With a stunning venue, luxurious accommodations and helpful staff to assist your needs, you’ll have the complete VIP wedding experience of a lifetime.

What You Need to Know to Plan a Micro Wedding

While all-inclusive wedding packages are a great choice for couples planning small weddings, there are important factors to consider.

1. Planning Your Budget

Like with any other type of wedding, determining your budget for a micro wedding is an important first step. Work out your budget early on, especially if you’re planning a destination wedding with travel expenses to factor in. Carefully plan out your budget with your partner to figure out how much you can comfortably spend on your wedding.

2. Determining Your Guest Count

While it’s a given that a micro wedding will be small, you’ll want to determine just how small. A micro wedding can range anywhere from 10 to 50 guests. Make your guest list and figure out exactly how many people you’d like to invite. This will make it much easier to proceed with the rest of the planning.

Determining Your Guest Count

3. Finding Your Ideal Location

Search for potential wedding venues as early in the planning process as possible. If you and your partner haven’t determined your wedding location, know that intimate destination weddings are quickly trending. Over 350,000 destination weddings occur annually — a number that continues to climb as more couples discover the benefits of small destination weddings.

Intimate destination weddings are unique, luxurious and, believe it or not, cost-effective. They allow you to embrace the beauty of an elegant tropical setting, essentially providing a wedding, honeymoon and vacation all in one — saving both time and money.

While there are many locations to choose from when planning your small destination wedding, a gorgeous Costa Rica beach is tough to beat. The isthmus features a variety of stunning locations and natural features — like exotic flora and fauna, warm sandy beaches, pristine emerald ocean waters and unparalleled mountain ranges. It’s no wonder Costa Rica is deemed one of the world’s most beautiful countries and a popular destination to tie the knot.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, one to make uniquely yours. Why not have it in the pristine tropical location you’ve always dreamed of?

4. Researching Vendors

Finding the right vendors for your wedding — like a photographer, florist, videographer and caterer — is a crucial step in wedding planning. While it’s a good idea to start looking at some vendors on your own, the right service or venue can provide recommendations for some of the best vendors.

5. Finding Accommodations

Planning the perfect wedding for you and your partner is important. But it’s equally critical that your guests have a VIP experience, as well. Providing luxurious suites for your guests ensures optimal comfort and a positive experience throughout their trip. Another upside to a micro wedding is that you’ll have a smaller number of guests to accommodate, meaning you’ll have fewer rooms to reserve.

6. Putting Together Your Custom Wedding Package

After taking the above factors into consideration, you’ll want to find the right business to bring your dream wedding to life. If you’re looking for a professional service that can provide you with a VIP wedding experience, turn to Villa Punto de Vista for your destination wedding planning needs.

Our resources make planning all-inclusive micro weddings abroad easy. We know the best wedding planners, photographers, videographers, caterers and other vendors in the area. Whether you’d like our recommendations or need reviews, we can offer the information you need to ensure a successful wedding.

Plan Your Dream Micro Wedding With Villa Punto de Vista

Plan Your Dream Micro Wedding With Villa Punto de Vista

As a premium wedding venue in Costa Rica, we provide quality wedding and elopement packages. In addition to our top-notch vendor recommendations, our private 10-bedroom and eight-bedroom villas offer exceptional venues for your dream destination wedding. With our luxury on-site venues and services, you’ll enjoy the VIP experience of a five-star hotel with the intimacy of a secluded villa.

Plan your micro wedding in paradise with the best private resort villa in Costa Rica. To learn more about how we can help bring your dream intimate wedding to life, view our rates and wedding services today.

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