Why a Smaller Wedding Will Be Big in the Coming Years

  • December 27, 2021
  • Villa Punto de Vista

It used to be that a wedding had to be extravagant and expensive to be memorable. However, things have changed over the years. While some are devoted to having over-the-top weddings, other couples take a very different approach.

Small, intimate weddings are gaining popularity in leaps and bounds, with good reason. Not only do they allow the bride and groom to celebrate with those who matter most to them, but they can also splurge their money on things that would help make their wedding day all the more special like a truly unique destination.

Why Small Destination Weddings Are a Growing Trend

Many couples are choosing to ditch the traditional wedding preparations and are trading them in for something more exciting. More than 350,000 destination weddings occur each year, of which 23% take place abroad. However, those numbers are consistently growing as more and more couples are beginning to discover the advantages of having intimate destination weddings.

One of the significant differences between a small destination wedding and a traditional wedding is the cost. Consider the fact that nearly 99% of couples that go all out on conventional wedding measures will also go on a honeymoon, lasting an average of eight days or so. As the average price tag of a traditional wedding in recent years costs nearly $34,000 and a honeymoon typically racks up at least another $5,000, it is easy to see how expensive traditional wedding plans can become.

Couples are learning a way to have a wedding that dreams are made of while also saving money. It almost sounds too good to be true, but intimate destination weddings are the key to making this a reality. While destination weddings vary in cost depending on location and package, the average destination cost of approximately $28,000 means having your dream wedding abroad can save you money.

Not only is it notably less expensive, but it is perfect for honeymooning as newlyweds are already at their honeymoon destination. You’ll save time and money all while experiencing your dream wedding.

Advantages of an Intimate Destination Wedding

The advantages of planning a destination wedding are abundant and difficult to turn away from. Cost is not the only thing driving more and more couples towards destination weddings.

Think about all of the other details that come along with planning a wedding. Understandably, every bride wants every aspect of their wedding day to be perfect and exactly how they envisioned it in their minds. Sometimes the current location of the bride and groom does not allow those details to come to fruition. A banquet hall is just not the same as a tropical beach at sunset.

Planning a destination wedding means having the freedom to carry out every single vision from the ceremony location to the honeymoon suite and all of the critical intricacies in between.

Destination Weddings Are Unique

If you want an unforgettable wedding day for yourself and your guests, a destination wedding is the best way to go. Weddings abroad provide a lot of specialties that a local wedding can not. New places to see, new foods to try, and even new cultures to explore will naturally add to a day that is already so precious. Your guests will be talking about their time spent at your destination wedding for years to come, thanks to the unique experiences and memories you provided for them.

It’s a Wedding, Honeymoon and Vacation in One

Intimate tropical destination weddings are the ultimate 3-in-1 combination. Why spend such a special point in time close to home when you can get married and go on vacation simultaneously? Many couples choose to spend a week or so at their wedding destination to celebrate being happy newlyweds and explore all of the wonders their destination has to offer. Guests will also get the chance to have a mini vacation abroad simply from being in attendance. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The Bride and Groom Get Treated Like Royalty

A vast majority of wedding resorts provide a range of benefits for the happy couple. One of the biggest advantages at Villa Punto de Vista is you’ll have access to wedding coordination services to help you plan your big day! Our recommended professional event planners are committed to excellence and know the venue inside and out. With a dedicated coordinator, you can rest assured that every detail is taken care of so you can enjoy a truly stress-free wedding experience.

Destination wedding group room rates may be deeply discounted, and if you schedule your wedding during the off-season, the price can be even better. As a resort that offers full-service staffing, we do everything we can to make sure your day is everything you hoped it would be. You deserve a wedding as unique and important as you, which is why intimate destination weddings are a wonderful choice. You’ll be treated like royalty on your wedding day at Villa Punto de Vista, surrounded by loved ones and the beauty of nature.

With dedicated coordinator services and an intimate wedding experience, you’ll get to feel more like an active participant in your wedding rather than a spectator. You’ll spend your special day surrounded by the closest friends and family members in your lif and get to spend more time with every guest.

There Is Less Planning Involved

That is to say — there is less planning for you and your partner. Figuring out all of the traditional wedding details can be overwhelming. A major perk to planning a destination wedding is that there are generally wedding coordinators available for such occasions. Wedding coordinators can help arrange everything from choosing flowers and centerpieces to selecting the music and wedding cake. They can even help you with obtaining a marriage license.

Additionally, travel agents can be as big of a help as the wedding coordinator. A good travel agent will take the time to sit with you and listen to your wishes and means. They can help you find and decide on the perfect location for your dream wedding with their expertise. When it is time to make travel plans for your guests and the rest of the wedding party, they can also help manage all of that.

Having a support system like that can allow the wedding day to be stress-free.


Your Guest List Can Be Shorter

For couples who want to avoid extensive guest lists, a destination wedding can be a solution. Destination weddings average 48 guests, far fewer than traditional weddings, making them small and intimate. This gives the bride and groom a chance to experience their special moments with friends and family that they hold most dear to their hearts instead of feeling forced to invite a multitude of acquaintances. Quality time can be spent, whereas time is quite limited amongst traditional wedding festivities.

Religious Ceremonies Are Not a Problem

Since destination weddings are becoming so popular, many resorts and venues have learned how to serve wedding ceremonies of all religious backgrounds properly. You will not have to worry about finding the right officiant for the ceremony. Most resorts will have a list of recommendations for that purpose or may even sometimes have their own officiants on the premises. Regardless, finding the right kind of officiant will not be a worry to arise.

Natural Surroundings Are the Decor

Why spend hundreds of dollars on garlands and backdrops when you can embrace the natural beauty of the surroundings at your dream wedding location? Think of paradise as the backdrop. Not only that, but nothing can simulate the sights and smells of a gorgeous wedding on a beach.

Destination wedding locations naturally pull out all the stops for a visual experience unlike any other. Photos of the special day will also take on a new element of exquisiteness rather than mediocrity. When you look back on your wedding day, those photos will be able to take you right back to that moment, with all of the sights, sounds, and feels of the paradise at which you chose to be married.

Your Wedding Can Be Uniquely You

A destination wedding is almost like a free pass to do whatever you would like on your wedding day without having to explain anything to anyone. If you want to skip all of the general traditions, like wearing a long gown, find a flowy sundress. If the groom wants to wear flip-flops, why not? If you want to skip the flowers, go ahead. It also leaves room to introduce other details unique to the location. In short, your destination wedding can be as unique as you want it to be, making it all the more special.

You’ll Have a Special Place for Milestone Vacations

When it comes time to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, or any other major event in your shared life, wouldn’t it be nice to have a special place to go? Destination weddings provide the location for a dream wedding ceremony and a place to escape with your significant other. It will always be a place that is special for both of you and will play a considerable part in reminiscing and reconnecting during times of relaxation.

What to Look For in Your Location


There are a lot of options to pick from when planning a tropical destination wedding. However, a Costa Rica beach wedding is hard to beat. Offering an array of tranquil and gorgeous locations, it is the ideal destination for the wedding dreams are made of. Home to majestic mountain ranges, glorious and inactive volcanoes, and delightful flora and fauna, Costa Rica is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Since Costa Rica has become such a popular destination for soon-to-be newlyweds, the country has streamlined the entire destination wedding system. They have gone so far as to ensure that even the wedding certificates obtained within their borders are entirely valid in the home country from where the couple traveled. From luxe beach resorts and bohemian countryside bungalows to historic, cosmopolitan areas, Costa Rica is bound to be the perfect destination for anyone wishing to get whisked away to a happily ever after.

What to Look For in Your Small Destination Wedding Venue

There is no shortage of small wedding venues in Costa Rica. Depending on your visions for the big day, some venues may prove to be more suitable to meet your desires than others. Details such as the number of guests and what the venue includes for their price should be carefully considered. Other factors that should be kept in mind are the ease of traveling to, from, and around the location and the overall quality of your guests’ experience during their stay.

When trying to decide the best venue for your dream destination wedding, Villa Punto de Vista is the place to go to make your dream a reality.

Villa Punto de Vista Creates Dream Weddings

Villa Punto de Vista sits on the gorgeous sandy beaches of Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio Bay. The surroundings could not be any more breathtaking, offering 180-degree ocean views and overlooking over 2.5 acres of private rainforest reserve. Observe the charm of monkeys, parrots, toucans and other splendid natural inhabitants as they carry about their days in their rainforest home. The villa is only a 5-minute walk away from the beach and soothing sounds of the ocean can always be heard.

The villa provides 18 guest suites, all with unique architecture, and boasts terraces, a double-edge infinity pool, and a rooftop Jacuzzi. With multiple venue options available, Villa Punto de Vista can provide the perfect location for a dream wedding, including up to 100 guests. All guest suites are individually themed, so every guest will be able to find accommodations that best suit them.

Traveling is easy with their concierge services available to assist with air and ground transportation. Special tours, activities, and you can also plan spa and massage services for your guests or even yourself for some relaxation and adventure during the stay. Experienced chefs are ready to prepare some of the most delicious dishes in Costa Rica, made with only the freshest of ingredients. Beach butler service is also available to help pamper you and your beloved during your time on the beach with private attendance.

Get the treatment that you and your guests deserve with an experience that will be memorable for years to come. Our wedding coordinators and other special event partners are ready to help you create the wedding of your dreams in gorgeous Costa Rica.


Villa Punto de Vista Is Waiting for You, So Book Your Stay Today

Located on Costa Rica’s hurricane-free central Pacific coast, Villa Punto de Vista provides the ideal location for paradise getaways. Spanish for “Point of View,” Villa Punto de Vista provides grand views of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean as well as the golden sands of Manuel Antonio Bay.

When you stay with Villa Puno de Vista, you will experience privacy, safety and luxury. Featuring award-winning architecture, multiple social areas, and luxurious amenities, the villa offers sophistication and excitement. Offering a wide range of activities, such as canopy tours, horseback riding, fishing, snorkeling, and more, Villa Punto de Vista has plenty for you to experience.

The villa also has many luxury amenities for guests to use. Villa Punto de Vista offers many services, including:

  • Babysitting
  • Luxury transportation
  • Professional classes
  • Spa & wellness services
  • Wedding planning
  • Vacation planning

If you’re planning a Costa Rica beach wedding, allow us to be part of your special day. Our full-service staff and wedding and event coordinators are ready to go above and beyond to help you make your special day a dream come true. Contact us today for more information about small destination weddings with us.

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