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Tips for Occupying Your Kids on the Flight to Costa Rica

  • September 15, 2016
  • Villa Punto de Vista

The airplane ride is often the most dreaded aspect of any trip, particularly for parents of young children. The close quarters and the confined seating can make us all feel a bit antsy after a couple of hours. We’ve all been on one airplane ride where there was a screaming baby or a tot throwing a king-sized tantrum. With an upcoming trip, you’re praying, “Please don’t let that be my kid.”

Here are a few low-tech ways to keep kids occupied during your flight to Costa Rica.

  • Look at books and magazines. If your child has a favorite book that she loves to read over and over, make sure to bring it. It may also help to bring new magazines and books about Costa Rica to get your child excited and involved in the trip. For young toddlers, lift-the-flap and touch-and-feel books can keep them distracted for a bit.
  • Create a travel journal. To commemorate the trip and to occupy them, buy an inexpensive scrapbook and create a travel journal. Your child can document what she’s looking forward to seeing, her favorite parts of the trip, paste in ticket stubs and draw pictures.
  • Play easy travel games. I-Spy is a classic game for a reason; it’s easy, fun and doesn’t require any pieces. Any travel-sized game with magnetic pieces is also great (you don’t want to be losing any pieces under your neighbor’s chair).
  • Add a touch of comfort. A favorite stuffed animal, a snuggly blanket, a warm hoodie —these things can comfort your child during the long flight.
  • Stimulate the senses. For young children, sitting still can be torturous. To keep them calm, try stimulating their senses with stress toys that can be squeezed, a water-filled glitter ball, or a stuffie with different textures. A light tickle or touch on the arms or back can keep children calm.
  • Get up and stretch. There’s no rule saying you must remain in your seats for the duration of the flight. It’s good for your circulation (and your sanity) to get up, stretch and take a mini walk or two down the aisle.
  • Have snacks on hand. There’s nothing worse than a hungry, whiny child. With the long line-ups at the airport and rushing to your terminal, you may not get a chance to grab a bite to eat, so make sure you pack lots of snacks. Avoid sugary snacks (nobody wants a sugared-up kid on a long flight!) and keep hunger at bay by eating whole grains, cheese and of course fruits and veggies.
  • Be prepared. The worst thing is not having what you need within reach during the flight. Make a list of essentials to pack in your carry-on such as medications, tissues, band-aids, an extra sweater, crayons, pencils, and paper for drawing, and a few small toys.

If all else fails, break out your tablet. While you don’t want your child playing with an iPad the entire flight, a little technological distraction can be just what the doctor ordered. Contact us today to learn more.



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