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The Best Whale Watching in Costa Rica

  • March 7, 2016
  • Villa Punto de Vista

whale breaching off manuel antonio

As far as eco-tours go, whale watching is pretty much at the top of the bucket list for many people. Fortunately, in addition to the stunning land features that Costa Rica can boast, it also happens to have some of the best whale watching on earth! On both sides of the coast, Pacific and Caribbean, there are over 25 species of dolphins, porpoises and whales in Costa Rica. Due to its warm waters and location, whales come to Costa Rica to mate, give birth to and raise their young before migrating back to colder waters to feed.

Several Different Species of Whales

Some of the species of whales that can be seen are blue whales, fin whales, some species of sperm whale and even the endangered Sei whale. If you’re lucky, you may even spot some Pilot whales, which are actually (fun fact) the second largest oceanic dolphin. But the granddaddy of whale watching, the prized jewel, is the majestic Humpback whale. With its grand displays and gentle, curious nature, viewing a Humpback whale in its natural state is a magical experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. We’re in luck, because Costa Rica just happens to have the longest Humpback whale season in the world!
The most popular place for humpback whale sightings are at Parque Nacional Marino Ballena (only 45 minutes from Villa Punto De Vista), south of Dominical. Another location is Drake Bay, in the Osa Peninsula down south along with the Golfo Dulce off Puerto Jimenez, which is a little further down the coast. There have also been plenty of sightings along the Gulf of Papagayo, which is further north up the Pacific coast, not far from Liberia. Fortunately, Villa Punto De Vista is situated in the perfect spot for you to take your pick of excellent whale watching locations, as we are right in the heart of the Pacific coast. There are multiple tour boat companies that will take you out for a full day of whale watching, most including a delicious lunch and drinks.

Long Whale Watching Season in Costa Rica

Let’s talk about the best time of year to go whale watching. As we mentioned, Costa Rica has the longest whale watching season in the world, meaning you can see whales from August to April. This is due to the migration patterns of the humpback whales, of which both Northern and Southern hemisphere humpbacks pass through Costa Rica. Between the months of October and November, it is common for both sides to pass through Costa Rica at the same time, making the likelihood of a good whale sighting very high.

So pack your sunscreen and your camera, and get out there!

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