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Sustainable Tourism Initiatives in Costa Rica

  • June 28, 2024
  • Villa Punto de Vista

Costa Rica is renowned for its natural beauty, and sustainable tourism helps this beauty endure. At the Villa Punto de Vista Estate, you can commit to your sustainability values while experiencing the luxury of privacy. Our estate is nestled among the trees of Manuel Antonio, allowing you to enjoy the environment you care about protecting.

What Is Sustainable Tourism?

Sustainable tourism is a way of visiting other countries while minimizing the environmental impact of your travel. At the same time, sustainable tourism also focuses on economic empowerment for local communities. This holistic look at the impact of tourism prioritizes making travel enjoyable for the local environments and people, while creating memorable stays for the tourists who visit.

Tourism and Sustainability in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular tourist destination for its verdant rainforests and golden sand beaches. This country is also a phenomenal locale for practicing sustainable travel and tourism. With the help of government policies, the country promotes a range of sustainable tourism practices:

  • Wildlife protection: Costa Rica is rich in natural resources with 29 national parks. Protected lands also include forest reserves, wildlife refuges, wetlands and biological reserves. This commitment to protecting wildlife makes Costa Rica one of the most biodiverse places in the world, boasting 5% of the world’s biodiversity while only covering .03% of the Earth’s surface.
  • Renewable energy: Renewable energy is a core part of Costa Rica’s pursuit of sustainability. Thanks to an abundance of renewable energy resources, the country has been able to make power throughout the country more sustainable for locals and tourists. Since 2014, up to 98% of the country’s electricity has come from renewable sources, and there are larger plans to eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
  • Responsible travel initiatives: The Costa Rican government continues to encourage more responsible travel through a government organization that’s focused on sustainable travel and tourism in the country. One of these responsible travel initiatives includes a push for more environmentally friendly transportation, like cycling and electric vehicle usage.

Experience Sustainable Tourism Practices at Villa Punto de Vista

The Villa Punto de Vista Estate is an idyllic location for experiencing Costa Rica’s beauty. We honor sustainability practices at our estate to keep the region beautiful and help the community thrive.

Green Architecture

Our estate is located where the rainforest meets the sea. When we started designing the villas, we wanted to revere the natural environment through careful design choices and sustainable practices. Villa Punto de Vista and Villa la Isla are designed to inhabit more vertical space to limit the land needed to build the estate. Both villas also feature locally sourced building materials, including recycled glass, quarried rose-sandstone and sustainably harvested teakwood.

These stunning textures make the estate a testament to Costa Rica and everything it has to offer. During your stay, you’ll find that these materials masterfully bring the outdoors in. Large windows deliver breathtaking panoramic views of the rainforest and the emerald Pacific Ocean as you dine, relax and luxuriate.

Support for Local Communities

Locally sourcing our building materials was only the beginning of our sustainability pursuits. We continue to support the local economy in Manuel Antonio through our amenities and services.

One of the defining luxuries of your stay at our estate is a fresh gourmet breakfast every morning. Our staff bake fresh pastries to wake you with the delicious aroma of locally sourced vanilla. Complement your pastry with a cup of coffee made from beans we source from a women-owned cooperative in the area. All other breakfast items, from empanadas and fruit to eggs and bacon, are made from locally sourced goods.

Before and during your stay, we encourage you to plan activities and tours with our concierge. Booking activities with local vendors is an excellent way to support Manuel Antonio’s economy while you revel in Costa Rica’s many natural sights. Tours along the coast include national park exploration, seasonal snorkeling, whitewater rafting, jet skiing, horseback riding and ziplining. Take in the natural wonders of Costa Rica in a way that speaks to you, and support local businesses along the way.

Easy Access to Natural Areas

Make the natural surroundings the heart of your stay with easy access to the jungle and a private beach. Quick access to these spots means reduced transportation requirements for a more sustainable stay. Our estate is also close to Manual Antonio National Park, where you can trek through a portion of the protected land that makes the country so biodiverse.

Tropical plants and trees create a glorious canopy across the western coast. Keep a close eye out for the animals that call the canopy home, like three-toed sloths, iguanas, monkeys and brilliant tropical birds. Manuel Antonio is an exquisite slice of Costa Rica’s ecosystem, and it’s worth exploring during your stay. Plan a hike with your party for an adventurous exploration of the land and discover some of the picturesque waterfalls tucked among the trees.

Make Your Next Event Scenic and Sustainable

Costa Rica’s sustainable tourism initiatives help to make the country picturesque. Ensure your next gathering is as sustainable as it is beautiful with a stay at Villa Punto de Vista. Our estate can host up to 50 guests, and the natural surroundings make the perfect backdrop for weddingsfamily eventswellness retreats and corporate gatherings.

The Villa Punto de Vista Estate features various social areas so your stay fits your every need. Areas like the dining terrace and rooftop deck are relaxing spots to enjoy a meal prepared by an optional private chef. Create unforgettable memories with your family over dinner featuring your favorite flavors, or design a more formal and romantic ambiance for your wedding reception. For corporate events, our media room transforms from a home theater to a business center when you need a professional space for meetings and networking.

Plan Your Stay at the Villa Punto de Vista Estate

Villa Punta de Vista is more than a luxury getaway spot—it’s a testament to sustainable tourism. Contribute to the local economy and experience the nature that Costa Rica has sought to protect for decades. With our anticipative staff, versatile event spaces and captivating location in Manuel Antonio, you can create a getaway worth remembering.

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