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Benefits of Renting a Private Villa Over a Hotel For Your Stay In Costa Rica

  • February 24, 2016
  • Villa Punto de Vista

Have you ever gone on a vacation looking forward to an extended break to get some rest and much-needed peace and quiet only to find quiet was a rare commodity in the hotel you had booked? Whether it’s late-night revelers roaming the grounds or the halls, noisy neighbors in the room next door or rambunctious kids having fun, overcrowded hotels aren’t always the peaceful oases they sometimes claim to be.

Then, after a not-so-restful night’s sleep, you decide to go find a night quiet lounge chair by the pool to do some reading and maybe have a nap. Once again, your plans are thwarted by hoards of people.

You can avoid the noise and crowds on your next vacation by booking a private villa instead of staying at a hotel.

More Privacy Staying in a Villa in Costa Rica

When you stay in a private luxury villa like Punto de Vista, your group will be the only guests staying there. That means you will have all the peace and quiet you want. You also won’t have to share the beautiful decks, the pool or any of the other deluxe amenities with other guests.

Luxury Villas Offer Personal Attention

villas vs hotels benefits

With a private villa, you will also enjoy the concierge and staff’s personal and individualized attention. It begins with the pre-arrival concierge who is charged with organizing your transportation, suggesting activities, planning tours and preparing the villa for your arrival by stocking the kitchen and by attending to all of your needs.

After you have arrived in Manuel Antonio, your own onsite butler and bartender will take over attending to your needs from preparing your favorite beverage to planning a beach BBQ or arranging local transportation. You will also enjoy the meticulous attention of the onsite housekeeping staff.

If you are so inclined, a personal chef can also be arranged to look after the preparation of your meals so that you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the beauty, and excitement that Costa Rica has to offer. Personal chefs can be arranged for the entire duration of your stay, or for individual and memorable meals. Even the finest hotels can’t offer this level of personalized attention that can help to make your stay the most memorable vacation ever.

The Cost of a Villa Is Comparable To That of a Hotel

Most people love the idea of staying at a private villa, but steer away from it, believing it to be far more expensive than a hotel stay. In fact, that is not the case. Everything sold in a hotel, from room service to a bottle of water from the gift shop is significantly marked up, so they are quite expensive. When you book a villa with a group of family or friends, you will find that the “per night” rate per person is quite similar to that of a good hotel. And when you factor in the advantages of a private villa, the choice becomes very clear.

For more information about the benefits of staying in a private villa in Costa Rica contact us online or call 888-890-8687

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