Have the Best Holiday of Your Life in Costa Rica

  • September 15, 2021
  • Villa Punto de Vista

have the best holiday in costa rica

If you’re tired of the typical holiday busyness at home or being stuck indoors during the winter, why not try something new this year? A family holiday in Costa Rica is a welcomed alternative to the usual holiday plans and can help you come together with the people you love, forming memories to last a lifetime. 

Why the Holidays Are a Great Time to Travel

There are plenty of reasons why many people prefer to take their vacations in the winter. Some of the biggest reasons to consider vacationing during the holiday season include your ability to:

  • Coordinate with the school calendar: If your trip includes any students or teachers, your options are likely limited to breaks from school. The winter break is an excellent occasion to focus on time with family and relax between the fall and spring semesters. When you start school again in January, you’ll feel fully recharged.
  • Avoid holiday stress: The holiday season is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but it also tends to be an incredibly hectic time. In fact, around 38% of individuals report experiencing holiday stress. By planning a vacation for this season, you can avoid the crazy calendar of social engagements and obligations and instead spend this time with your loved ones free of distractions.
  • Escape the cold: One popular reason for traveling in the winter is that it’s chilly or even below freezing at home. If you prefer the sunshine or experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a tropical escape is an excellent idea. Get a break from the cold gloominess of winter by spending a week or two in paradise.


Why You Should Plan a Family Vacation to Costa Rica for the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to travel, but there are thousands of destinations you can choose. Why should you consider spending the holidays in Costa Rica? Here are some of the best reasons to choose this Central American destination:

  • Beautiful weather: If you’re trying to escape those chilly fall and winter temperatures in the U.S. or Canada, Costa Rica is the ideal spot, where temperatures are always warm. In fact, Costa Rica’s high season, which experiences more sunshine and less rain, begins in late November in most regions, so it coincides with the holiday season. It’s the perfect dose of sun you need to fight the winter blues.
  • Variety of activities: When you’re planning a family trip, you have to factor in everyone’s preferences, and it can seem impossible to find the right destination. Maybe Mom is dreaming of a luxurious beach vacation while Dad wants to hike in the mountains. Perhaps the kids are looking for some adventurous activities like ziplining or horseback riding. You don’t have to choose between these options when you plan a family vacation to Costa Rica for the holidays. There’s a wide variety of activities to excite the whole family. 
  • Incredible scenery and wildlife: Spending time in nature can improve moods and lower stress levels, so if you want to combat holiday stress, travel to Costa Rica. The country boasts some of the most gorgeous natural landscapes you can imagine, including majestic mountains, lush jungles and sparkling shores. Be sure to take some family photos with these incredible natural backdrops. Plus, this eco-tourism destination is teeming with wildlife — you can see animal species you’ve never seen before right there in their natural environment. 
  • Convenient travel: On top of the features that make Costa Rica an amazing place to spend the holidays, it’s also a convenient destination. Costa Rica’s Central Standard Time means North American travelers can avoid jetlag and enjoy their vacation from day one. There are two international airports in Costa Rica, meaning you’ll likely be able to find direct flights from many North American airports. There are also regional airports throughout the country, so you can fly from place to place if that’s your preferred method of travel, or you can travel by car.

How to Create Special Holiday Memories in Costa Rica

If you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica for the holidays, make your trip a positive and memorable experience with these tips. 

1. Start Planning Early

It’s best to plan larger-scale trips many months in advance if possible to handle logistics like reservations, flights and passports and give your family plenty of time to get excited and assemble an itinerary. If you want to spend a Christmas holiday in Costa Rica, for instance, you should start planning early in the year or plan now for next year’s holiday season. 

If you want to stay at a private villa like Villa Punto de Vista, you should try to book 12-18 months in advance if possible. That said, you shouldn’t discount the possibility of planning a holiday trip in a short time frame. Sometimes, the most spontaneous trips are the best. If your family is on board and you can find the right flights and lodging, you can have just as good of a time. Our concierge can also assist you in making your travel plans if you stay with us!

2. Combine Leisure and Adventure

The best holiday of your life is one that includes plenty of relaxation and excitement. There are so many adventurous activities you can take part in, and you’ll want to pack in as many as possible. 

Amidst all the fun activities, don’t forget to plan time to simply soak up the sun on the beach, enjoy a tropical drink poolside or treat yourself to a spa day. Sometimes, it’s also good to leave some space in your itinerary for activities you discover while you’re there or for some downtime between experiences. 

3. Try New Things Together

A great way to bond and form lasting memories with your family is to try new things together. For instance, if you’re spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Costa Rica, why not forgo the traditional holiday fare like turkey and dressing and enjoy an authentic Costa Rican feast? The local cuisine is full of color and bursting with flavor, so you may find your family recreating recipes you enjoyed during your stay and making new traditions back at home.

You can also try new and exciting activities together, whether that’s deep-sea fishing or a helicopter tour. These unique experiences together will give you plenty to talk about as a group and special memories you’ll share for years to come.

4. Rent a Private Villa

Holidays aren’t only meant for time with immediate family but extended family and friends, too. Why not invite everyone you want to spend the holidays with and stay together in a private villa? A private villa gives you the ultimate vacation experience. The property and staff are there for you alone, so you can enjoy a holiday experience tailored to your family.

Our private villas offer eight and 10 bedrooms. That’s enough room to invite the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends for an unforgettable holiday together. You can enjoy time with your group, taking advantage of the estate’s incredible grounds and amenities, and you can enjoy privacy when you need it in your luxurious bedroom or on your private balcony.


Have an Unforgettable Holiday at Villa Punto de Vista

Whether you’re planning Thanksgiving, Christmas or the New Year’s holiday in Costa Rica, or simply a winter vacation to beat the cold, Villa Punto de Vista Estate is the ideal destination. Rent the entire estate or one of our beautiful private villas and enjoy planning your trip with your family or friends. Get ready — after spending a holiday in Costa Rica, you’ll want to make this your new holiday tradition. Check our availability and rates to plan your dream holiday!

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