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Decoding Luxury Travel: What Sets Costa Rica’s Villas Apart?

  • March 7, 2024
  • Villa Punto de Vista

Luxury travel in Costa Rica offers far more than stunning natural views. It’s a country that’s rich in cultural influences, lush scenery, and adventures around every corner. In fact, Costa Rica was named Travel + Leisure’s Destination of the Year for 2024.

Our Manuel Antonio estate nestled in a private rainforest setting provides the perfect destination for a luxury getaway. Explore high-end travel in Costa Rica at the Villa Punto de Vista Estate.

The Costa Rican Way of Life: Pura Vida

When you step foot on Costa Rican soil, the energy shifts. The vibrant population in this Central American nation embodies pura vida—pure life. Here, experiences are valued above all else, and the lush environment and renowned hospitality make these experiences possible.

During your time in Costa Rica, you might be greeted with a “Pura vida!” by locals. This expression signifies the tranquility and relaxation that define this picturesque region. Abandon the stressors of modern life and embrace what matters most—connecting with others and slowing down to live wholeheartedly.

A Rich Culture With Diverse Influences

Located in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica is home to a diverse population. With influences from the Caribbean, individuals of African descent, and communities of Chinese and Jewish heritage, this country encompasses a wealth of cultural vibrance.

While the nation is known for its Spanish language, Costa Rica is also the center of many indigenous languages from the Boruca people and other populations. These indigenous cultures interlaced with the Spanish colonial influences to form the country it is today.

These distinct cultures also inform the architecture of the region. Bamboo and other natural materials create a tropical feel for many homes and buildings along the coast, while Spanish influences brought about intricate building styles in churches and public buildings. As you explore the rich, natural environment of Costa Rica, you’re also experiencing the area’s history.

Memorable Activities

Revel in both land and sea with memorable activities along the golden sand beaches and in the jungle. Costa Rica’s commitment to conservation leaves you with stunning greenery, wildlife, and emerald-colored waters to discover and admire.

Zipline canopy tours take you to new heights with a fast-paced adventure through the trees. See some of the area’s most breathtaking views with a side of heart-racing exhilaration, or slow down your nature experience with a Manuel Antonio National Park tour. Capture incredible photos of diverse wildlife on your hike, from sloths to tropical birds.

On the coastline, the Central Pacific beckons. These waters are the perfect locale for seasonal snorkeling and jet skiing. Watch many species of fish pass through miles of reef and search for dolphins as you cruise off the coast of Manuel Antonio National Park.

Appeal to your inner adventurer with fast-paced water activities, like white water rafting and canyoning. The Savegre River boasts powerful rapids that create an adrenaline rush for courageous rafters. Or try your hand at rock climbing and rappelling to scale Costa Rica’s cliffsides and dive into secluded waters.

The Luxury of Privacy

After a day of making memories, you deserve a peaceful retreat with the luxury offerings of our estate. Experience true privacy with one or both villas reserved only for your party. While hotels and large resorts attempt to embody luxury, privacy creates a more authentic sense of both extravagance and comfort.

Each guest has their own personal suite, and all social areas are shared only by your group. Start your mornings with a gourmet breakfast and coffee made with beans from a local women-owned cooperative. Settle in for the evening with the perfect space for connecting with your fellow guests, whether they’re family, friends or colleagues. The Villa Punto de Vista Estate is made for connection, and privacy makes it possible.

Personalized Attention

Alongside the luxury of privacy, the anticipative estate staff provide personalized attention to cater to your every need. With pre-arrival concierge, we are carefully prepared for your stay well before your arrival. As you take in the remarkable views and peaceful atmosphere, our on-site concierge team is here to help you make the most of your getaway.

Relish in scenic travel with private luxury van service or private flights via charter aircraft or helicopter. Plan a day of activities with our staff booking on your behalf, and work with our seasoned pre-arrival concierge team to plan every day spent at the estate before you arrive. If your Costa Rican trip will extend beyond Manuel Antonio, let us book your transportation, accommodations and activities throughout the country.

Luxuriate in everything Costa Rica has to offer with staff that does all the work for you.

Fine Dining With a Personal Chef

To many, cuisine is the heart of travel. The flavors and dishes of Costa Rica bring you closer to the culture and create the perfect environment for making memories and celebrating loved ones. The Villa Punta de Vista Estate always provides complimentary breakfast to start your day with champagne mimosas and handmade pastries featuring locally sourced vanilla extract and cocoa. We can also take your culinary experience a step further by arranging for a private chef.

Indulge in the nation’s unique tastes, from the finest seafood to flavorful Caribbean influences. Or place personal requests with your chef to capture your favorite flavors and dietary requirements. In this ultimate sensory experience, you can stimulate your tastebuds on our rooftop terrace at Villa Punta de Vista, or in the gourmet kitchen at Villa la Isla. Wherever you are dining, the sounds of the rainforest create a tranquil composition for your meal. Breathe in the fresh air coming in from the sea and experience the incredible tastes curated by your personal chef.

A Space Designed for Any Occasion

Traveling to Costa Rica means something different for every guest.

For some, Costa Rica is the ideal backdrop for an intimate wedding. Your wedding isn’t an ordinary day—celebrate it somewhere extraordinary. The Villa Punto de Vista Estate even has connections with local wedding planners.

For others, pura vida means a chance to bring family and friends together. Double-edge infinity pools and spacious pool decks at the villas offer space for socializing as you celebrate milestones, from birthdays to anniversaries.

The Villa Punto de Vista Estate is excellent for corporate retreats, with plentiful amenities for presentations and local excursion opportunities like deep sea fishing at the Pez Vela Marina. A getaway at the Villa Punto de Vista Estate is the ideal way to incentivize your employees and set their sights on your company’s mission.

Costa Rica also makes for a stunning setting for yoga and wellness retreats to unplug where the rainforest meets the sea.

Experience Exclusive Costa Rican Accommodations at the Villa Punto de Vista Estate

Our Costa Rican estate offers a premier setting for relaxing retreats, exhilarating excursions, and once-in-a-lifetime events. Check our availability today to plan your luxury getaway.

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