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Breathtaking Views: The Most Scenic Luxury Villas in Costa Rica

  • June 6, 2024
  • Villa Punto de Vista

A stay at a Costa Rica villa promises landscapes worth admiring. The Villa Punto de Vista Estate boasts the best views in Manuel Antonio on Costa Rica’s western coast. With our anticipative staff, luxury amenities and unbeatable vistas of the rainforest and Pacific Ocean, Villa Punto de Vista creates the ideal getaway for you and your party. Experience the luxury of privacy at your own private resort and behold every breathtaking view Costa Rica has to offer.

Golden Beaches

Costa Rica’s landscape is punctuated by the golden sand beaches along the coast. Sand collides with the brilliant emerald waters of the Central Pacific for a stunning tropical vista. A day at one of these beaches offers ultimate relaxation with sunbathing and breathing in the fresh ocean air—perfect for those looking to unwind. At the Villa Punto de Vista Estate, you have premier access to scenic villa views with our property only a minute from a private beach in Manuel Antonio.

Breathtaking beach views also offer something for the more adventurous spirit. Experience the emerald waters up close with seasonal scuba diving or jet ski tours where you can take in every angle of the coastline. Deep sea fishing is an ideal activity for sport fishing enthusiasts, and kayaking offers an active way to explore the water.

Book any tours or beach-focused events through our concierge. During your stay at the Villa Punto de Vista Estate, we create the ultimate sense of luxury by taking all planning responsibilities off your hands. After you admire the beach from our estate, our personal beach chauffeur can take you to the shoreline and even arrange for a beach barbeque. Manuel Antonio’s beaches are the ideal gathering spots for special occasions and family getaways.

Lush Rainforest

Our estate is nestled where the rainforest meets the sea, making our luxury villas the perfect spot for admiring the landscape. Manuel Antonio’s rainforest is strikingly verdant all year round, and it contrasts beautifully with the golden sands on the beach. Lush tropical plants decorate the canopy and opulent flowers flourish in the area, from orchid to heliconia.

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Among the diverse flora and fauna, you can spot the region’s incredible wildlife. Keep an eye out for three-toed sloths, monkeys, iguanas and tropical birds that mingle among the trees and lounge in the shade. Take in the many wonders of Manuel Antonio National Park with activities like hiking, ATV tours and horseback riding. Immerse yourself in the canopy with a scenic zipline through the trees.

At our estate, our award-winning architectural design masterfully connects you to nature with floor-to-ceiling glass for the ultimate indoor-outdoor connection. Relish in the beauty of the rainforest with rooms furnished with renewable teakwood accents and locally sourced pink sandstone rock walls.

Social areas like the pool lounge, infinity pool and dining terrace are excellent vantage points for enjoying the green landscape. These peaceful outdoor views make the estate an exceptional spot for a serene wellness retreat. Take in panoramic ocean and jungle canopy views that will make you feel like you’re soaring with the birds.

Picturesque Waterfalls

The rainforest is home to many waterfalls that are tucked away and waiting to be explored. Discover astounding waterfall views with a guided hike through Manuel Antonio National Park. Famous spots like La Fortuna and Nauyaca Falls deliver breathtaking water features contrasted against the rugged greens and browns of the jungle. Waterfalls are an exquisite reward at the end of a hike, and they’re truly idyllic locations for wedding photos.

Extraordinary natural wonders also set the scene for adventurous activities. Try your hand at canyoning and waterfall rappelling to take a dip in the cool water and get your adrenaline pumping.

After a day of hiking and waterfall exploration, return to our luxury property with a view. Our estate features a variety of social areas for relaxation after your excursions. Sip cocktails and unwind on the rooftop terrace, or enjoy the game room complete with a pool table. The media room is the perfect spot for a family movie night, complete with prominent ocean views.

Vibrant Downtown

Costa Rica’s natural views are second to none, but the local culture also offers something to behold. Manuel Antonio’s vibrant downtown is home to locally owned shops and incredible restaurants for days and nights out. Explore tree-lined streets and multi-colored buildings while you enjoy the ideal beach town atmosphere.

The region’s coastal architecture is a testament to the natural environment and the country’s history. Take in the views of wooden stilt houses, Spanish design and Baroque influences. These buildings blend beautifully into the surroundings with local materials, like teakwood and sandstone.

Downtown Manuel Antonio is a sight worth seeing. Our staff can arrange travel to and from the estate when you’re ready to roam.

Vivid Sunsets

Whether you spend all day on the beach or strolling downtown, a sunset on the Pacific Ocean and Manuel Antonio’s Cathedral Point will always end your day. Costa Rica’s sunsets are some of the best in the world with the ocean reflecting the reds, oranges and purples in the sky. The hues add opulent golden colors to the rainforest to create a whole new type of vista.

Our private luxury accommodations with natural views offer a flawless panorama as the sun slips below the horizon. Make each sunset a backdrop for unforgettable experiences at the estate. Book your own personal chef and enjoy culinary experiences with all your favorite flavors and dietary preferences accounted for. Have our staff arrange for an evening yoga class on the rooftop deck for an awe-inspiring sunset view during your practice.

Following a vivid tropical sunset, revel in complete relaxation in our spa room for an evening of pampering. Our infinity pool is also an excellent location to enjoy the sunset as you overlook the Pacific. The multicolored skies reflect off the pool for an enchanting evening.

However you choose to spend your evenings at the estate, the villas’ stunning vistas at sunset will be a complement to the occasion.

Luxuriate in Costa Rica’s Natural Beauty at Villa Punto de Vista

The Villa Punto de Vista Estate creates the ultimate luxury amidst Costa Rica’s incredible natural views. Whether you stay at the estate for a family getaway, destination wedding, corporate event or wellness retreat, our staff ensures your stay includes everything you could want and need. Inquire about availability today, and start preparing for your tropical escape.

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