Best Places to Get Married in Costa Rica

  • May 16, 2019
  • Villa Punto de Vista

Your wedding day is just around the corner, and after all the anticipation and excitement of engagement, you want the culmination of your love to be something to stop hearts like your loved one stops yours. When it comes to planning your wedding, you dream of a location, aesthetic and ceremony that are both mesmerizing and memorable — a fairytale wedding of your dreams with a little twist of something tropical. Can you find the perfect location?

If you’re passionate about planning a fantasy wedding in a location that provides all the magic, scenery and luxury you can imagine, a destination wedding is probably the perfect choice for you. Taking your wedding out of your hometown and away to far-off, luxurious vacation destinations is a growing nuptial trend — in fact, traveling to tie the knot has become so popular that one in every four weddings is a destination wedding. When searching for locations to awe, inspire and create a memorable experience for themselves and their guests, couples tend to lean toward tropical themes.

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While your tropical wedding options include typical choices like Hawaii and the Caribbean, the most popular destination wedding locations, you do have the choice of even more private, preserved locations with beautiful beaches, breathtaking views and a plethora of almost untouched tropical sites to host an intimate, inspirational wedding like no other.

Costa Rica is an idyllic isthmus tucked between Central and South America. It is an exquisite destination lush with the unique flora and fauna of the rainforest, the stunning scenery of mountains and volcanoes and the breathtaking beaches of its Caribbean and Pacific Coasts. What better place to plan the one-of-a-kind wedding you’ve been dreaming of?

If you’re thinking of getting married in Costa Rica and searching for the most sensational spots, you have no shortage of options when it comes to locations and venues. From its hot, dry Northern region with its plains and perfect beaches to the verdant Central Valley, North and South Caribbean Coasts, enticing volcanoes, untamed national parks and exotic rainforests, Costa Rica offers an enchanting region for visitors of any tastes — you just have to determine what yours are! Looking for the best places to get married in Costa Rica? From Costa Rica beach weddings and rainforest weddings to the best time to get married in Costa Rica, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about your dream destination wedding.

Getting Married in Costa Rica —Mapping out Your Vision

Before you begin exploring the best venues for destination weddings in Costa Rica, you should have a strong vision of the style and type of wedding you’re aiming for. As you begin your planning journey for your destination wedding, consider the following questions to categorize the right kind of venue for you.

1. Are You Seeking Adventure or Relaxation?

Your destination wedding doesn’t just involve the ceremony and reception — you’ll be there for an extended stay before and after you tie the knot, so think about what kind of experience you desire, both for your wedding and the vacation around it.

Do you picture exciting excursions like long hikes through the rainforest, surfing expeditions, ziplining, sport fishing, touring and exploring Costa Rica’s flora and fauna? Or do you prefer your destination wedding to involve long, luxurious beach days, relaxing indulgences and quiet mornings or evenings enjoying the privacy and perfection of a beach or rainforest view from your suite?

You’ll want to choose your destination wedding region and venue based on these expectations — depending on whether you aim for an active, stimulating vacation experience or a quiet, relaxing getaway, you can narrow down your potential destinations based on activities, scenery and proximity to nature sites.

2. What Kind of Venue and Accommodations Would You Like?

Depending on the style, aesthetic and atmosphere you envision for both your wedding and your stay, you will be drawn to different regions, cities, venues and accommodations, so keep this in mind when you begin your search.

When it comes to choosing your accommodations for your Costa Rican wedding, think about the kind of stay you want to have. You want your wedding day to be as relaxing as possible, so you might want to look for an all-inclusive location. At Villa Punto de Vista, you’ll have meals, luxurious amenities, activities, concierge services and unique and unforgettable views of the mighty Pacific Ocean and the rainforest — so you and your guests will remember your wedding event for all the right reasons.

3. What Kind of Setting Do You Envision?

Everyone has a dream when it comes to their wedding destination — what’s yours? Costa Rica has so much rich variety regarding stunning scenery and spectacular sites, so your options for the setting of your ceremony are as numerous as regions.

Do you imagine your wedding taking place on the golden shores of a warm, sandy beach with the emerald horizon stretching over the altar as you say your vows? Or are you looking for a more secluded experience among the exotic greenery, vibrant colors and fascinating flora and fauna of the jungle? Maybe your dream destination wedding takes place beneath the breathtaking scenery and humbling majesty of one of Costa Rica’s volcanoes, or maybe you envision joining hands with your beloved in a magical ceremony with the inspiring backdrop of a cascading waterfall.

In Costa Rica, every scenario is possible, whether you want a one-of-a-kind outdoor ceremony among stunning scenery, an indoor ceremony with a unique view or a luxury wedding in a breathtaking villa that is steps from the beach or rainforest. Picking the ideal inspirational wedding setting will help you decide which region should host your destination event.

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Choosing Where to Get Married in Costa Rica

With its diverse regions, verdant rainforests, beautiful beaches and exquisite volcanoes, Costa Rica is a small nation overflowing with an abundance of incredible natural beauty and lush landscapes. From coast to coast, you will find a gorgeous diversity of terrain, scenery and areas to explore — and each region is unique in characteristics and benefits.

You’ll want to make sure you find a location that’s worth every penny and offers you the inspiring experience you crave during your wedding and your stay.

When you’re considering where to get married in Costa Rica, choosing your destination by region will ensure you experience every attraction, activity and scenic site you crave. When you find the region that inspires you most and matches with your vision for the setting and style of your wedding, you can narrow your selection to regional venues, taking you one step closer to your idyllic destination wedding.

Here are some of the most exquisite regions in Costa Rica.

1. Manuel Antonio

Looking for the best of both worlds when it comes to luxury, amenities, outdoor exploration and inspiring views? The beautiful beach town of Manuel Antonio has everything you need for an amazing destination wedding and getaway experience. Nestled on an idyllic hilltop overlooking stunning scenery, the town has easy access to mountains, rainforests and gorgeous golden beaches.

Explore Manuel Antonio National park and public beach — along with Beisanz and Playitas beaches — when you need some outdoor inspiration or relaxation time, and head into the Costa Rican fishing town of Quepos for cultural immersion. The town of Manuel Antonio also has so much to offer when it comes to culture, amenities and accommodations. Choose from incredible indoor and outdoor sites as the best venues for destination weddings in Costa Rica, and accentuate your stay with luxury service in a private villa like Villa Punto de Vista.

2. Osa Peninsula

Located in the Puntarenas Province on the Pacific Coast of southwestern Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula is an intimate, remote area brimming with an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. Because it’s less developed than other areas in Costa Rica, the peninsula is the perfect destination for active couples and adventurers at heart — you can enjoy the authentic experience of rugged expeditions on 4×4 vehicles. Home to half of Costa Rica’s indigenous species, the Osa Peninsula region is one of the most biodiverse areas on Earth, and it also offers a spread of untouched, rugged landscape to explore.

Osa Peninsula Costa Rica destination wedding

If you’re looking for a Costa Rica rainforest wedding, Corcovado National Park is your playground for incredible exploration and an adventurous ceremony. Experience breathtaking exposure to wildlife, lush forests and undeveloped landscapes that will transport you to another world for your wedding and every moment before and after. Stay in intimate, authentic lodge accommodations while enjoying activities like hiking, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding and unlimited exploration of national parks.

When you need a change of scenery from the exquisite forests, experience the Osa Peninsula’s untouched beaches, including Matapalo, Pan Dulce and Playa Platanares, or venture to the city of Puerto Jimenez. For a rugged vacation experience and a stunning site for getting married in Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula area offers overflowing inspiration in activities and scenic backdrops for your wedding.

3. Central Pacific Coast

Hoping for an incredible Costa Rica beach wedding? Try Costa Rica’s incredible, idyllic Central Pacific Coast. Stretching from the bottom of the Guanacaste region at the top of Costa Rica to the south of the Puntarenas region, the Central Pacific Coast makes a stunning site for a beach ceremony on golden sandy beaches. Offering breathtaking views, beautiful waters and a backdrop of gorgeous rainforests, the central region of this coastal zone is one of the best places to get married in Costa Rica.

Choose from breathtaking beaches like Jaco, Uvita, Dominical and cities like Santa Teresa, Manuel Antonio and more for your stay and wedding venue while you stay in your choice of luxury, authentic accommodations with inspiring beach views. If you feel like venturing a bit inland, you can explore Monteverde, one of the most famous cloud forests in Costa Rica — which offers an intimate look at beautiful wildlife, mystical plants and an incredible setting for both recreational hikes and even inspiring Costa Rica rainforest or waterfall weddings.

In your free time, experience invigorating ziplining and canopy tours, waterfalls, surfing, diving and fishing opportunities.

4. Guanacaste Province

Known for its pleasingly hot, dry climate and picture-perfect beaches, Guanacaste boasts more than 400 miles of breathtaking coastline in addition to wide-open plains, national parks and mystifying rainforests in the northwest region of Costa Rica. Because of its varied landscape, Guanacaste is a fantastic region for versatility in both activity options and setting the mood for your destination wedding and vacation.

Guanacaste Costa Rica destination wedding

Spend your days sunbathing and lounging on the wide-open beaches, relaxing and unwinding with drinks and enjoying the spas and amenities of your villa after your relaxed Costa Rica beach wedding — or venture out to chase waterfalls, go on spelunking expeditions, jungle hikes and explorations of national parks before and after a wedding with a daring waterfall or jungle view.

Although not everything is easily accessible in Guanacaste, you can rent a car or private van service to travel between locations. Enjoy the best of both worlds by staying in a luxurious villa and venturing out on adventurous day trips to the jungle while enjoying other activities like surfing, golfing and sport fishing whenever they catch your fancy. Choose from a wide variety of indoor venues or stunning outdoor venues from the shore to the rainforest for a destination wedding to remember.

Visualize Your Destination Wedding With Villa Punto de Vista

When you’re searching for the best place to get married in Costa Rica and the most inspiring scenery, the most exciting opportunities to explore nature and the most beautiful weather year-round, transform your dream wedding vision into a reality by making Villa Punto de Vista your luxury all-inclusive accommodation choice during your stay in Costa Rica.

As the largest beachfront villa in the country, we are a fully-staffed private villa and exclusive event venue located in the beautiful town of Manuel Antonio. With luxury all-inclusive services, we provide you with an experience like no other. During your stay, you have our idyllic villa all to yourself and your guests, so you can savor the privacy and luxury of your suite, ocean views and use of our amazing amenities like our infinity pool and rooftop Jacuzzi, beach access with complimentary transportation, concierge services, game room, daily breakfast, yoga and so much more. Your party of up to 30 overnight guests will relish their private balconies, spa amenities, luxury suites and spectacular exposure to the ocean and rainforests.

Unlike other areas of Costa Rica, every time of year is the best time to visit the Central Pacific area around Manuel Antonio. Enjoy gloriously warm temperatures, verdant landscapes and a host of exciting outdoor activities like turtle watching, canyoning, ziplining, sport fishing, horseback riding, river rafting, golf and whatever suits your tastes.

Make Villa Punto de Vista your luxury, all-inclusive getaway for your destination wedding. Whether you have your dream ceremony on the beautiful beach, in the mystifying rainforest, in the majestic mountains, under a magical waterfall or in our dazzling event venue on the villa, we inspire you through every step of your stay. Reach out to us today to begin the journey to your exquisite, once-in-a-lifetime Costa Rica wedding.

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