4 Great Places to Take Photos for Your Costa Rica Wedding

  • October 1, 2015
  • Villa Punto de Vista

Photographs hold the key to unlocking our memories. Your wedding photos will be the ones you cherish the most and the memory that you will want to share with friends and family time and time again. Here are the 4 places to take wedding photos in Costa Rica.

The Beachwedding photo

Trends in wedding photography have ridden the waves straight to the beach! By sharing your special day with us at Villa Punto de Vista, you’ll also be sharing it with the beauty that is the Manuel Antonio National Park. Should you choose to have a beachfront ceremony or portraits done in front of the waves, you will be smiling and laughing with a backdrop that is known as one of the world’s greatest National Parks.

Insider Scoop:

There are innumerable beautiful locations and angles on the beach for the ideal backdrop. Our top favorite. Just behind the Palm Line on the beach with Views of the dramatic Cathedral Point Isthmus. In this vantage point get the best Costa Rica: Golden Sand Beach, Emerald Ocean & the cathedral Point isthmus in the national Park.

The Rainforest


Manuel Antonio has more to offer than just the waves and sand! Embracing the Golden Sand palm lined beach is the vast, and equally beautiful, rainforest. The idyllic setting is home to spectacular agriculture Flora and Fauna and wildlife that offer a exotic fresh take to wedding photography. Let the landscape reflect the adventure you are set to embark on as you say, “I do”. Don’t be surprised if a monkey or two try to photobomb your portrait session!

Insider Scoop:

Manuel Antonio isn’t all Incredible Beaches and Golden Sands. What makes Manuel Antonio Truly unique is that one is synonymous with the other. Closeby there are some of the most Beautiful lush Jungles and exotic Backgrounds. Jungle ladent Waterfalls are simply serene backgrounds for your special day. Choose Ticori Waterfall & Nuayaca Falls as a couple incredible close by locations.

Luxury Venues

At Villa Punto de Vista, you will also be proud to capture the events inside within your Private luxury Villa venue. Each Venue space is fitting for a couple’s cherished celebration and will meet Surpass your expectations for an unforgettable destination wedding. Not only will it provide you with 3 stunning event areas to choose from (Roof Top Deck, Terrace or Canopy Ballroom) every amenity and service you could want, the panoramic views will serve as the perfect backdrop for reception photos of your friends and family as they enjoy a delicious meal or hit the dance floor.

Insider Scoop:

The Villa was designed with Weddings in Mind. The Villa’s Design allowes A Smooth Transition From Ceremony,on the top Floor to Chef prepared Canapes for sunset on the Terrace and then for the evening reception progress to the Ballroom to Dance and celebrate with your closest friends and Family! The Villa’s distribution allows the preparation without interrupting your current event! Makes every location unique and a surprise to the very end.


When your perfect day is nearing its close, the natural beauty of Costa Rica will offer you one final gift. Let the final shots of the night be under the flawless, natural lighting of a Costa Rican sunset. Not only does it offer a beautiful vista, it offers the perfect tone for a couple ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

Insiders Sccop:

Sunsets are incredible but Manuel Antonio are magical. Add a Dramatic Coastline and beautiful lush jungles. The wild Colors light up the Ocean and and makes the jungles incredibly vivid! Depending on the year, the Sun Sets in different locations. From January to May enjoy firery Orange and Purple Sunsets over the ocean to set the tone for an breathtaking beach ceremony.

Find the Right Photographers

Of course, the most important element to ensuring beautiful wedding photos is having the right person behind the lens. Choosing either an international or one of the many fantastic local photographers. Villa punto de vista has a list of trusted partners that have experience shooting at the Villa the beauty of a wedding celebration in the scenic landscapes that our villa has to offer. Review the trusted partners to see their previous work , we are sure you you are to return home with the souvenir of a lifetime (along with a new husband or wife!).

Recommended List of Photographers that have shot at the Villa


Two Mann Studios
Nadia D. Photography
A Britt & a Blond
Clive Gessell


Jonathan Yonkers
Sergio Pucci
Katherin Stinnent


Jonathan Yonkers

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