Costa Rica Family Retreats

Costa Rica Family Retreats

The modern world puts a lot of stress on you and your family, and work, school, and responsibilities sometimes leave you with little time to spend with the people you love. That’s why it’s important to make the most of the time you have together, and a family retreat in Costa Rica at Villa Punto de Vista can help you do just that.

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Villa Punto de Vista Family Retreats

A stay at our private luxury estate can be an inclusive tropical vacation where you don’t have to worry about meals, housework, or the outside world, giving you the freedom to relax and enjoy your time together. The villa is fully accessible and equipped to house up to 30 people at a time, so you can bring along the whole family, from the youngest baby to the eldest grandparent.

Unplug and unwind during a Costa Rica family reunion at a private family villa that’s all your own for a long weekend, week or longer. Let us take care of all the day-to-day tasks that keep you from spending quality time with people in your life unlike traditional rental homes with little to no staff. Sit and relax, and leave your cares far behind. Our only wish is for you to look back upon your Costa Rica family vacation with fondness as a lifetime memory and a desire to come back again.

Come see why our villa has been rated 5 out of 5 based on 189 reviews on TripAdvisor!

Family-Friendly Fun in a Tropical Setting

Villa Punto de Vista is in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, where the average daytime temperature is around 82.5 F, and the average nighttime temperature is about 70 F. In other words, it’s as close as you can get to paradise on earth! Our Costa Rica family retreat is situated above the canopy, giving you year-round, unparalleled 360-degree views of everything from the chattering monkeys in the trees to the lapping waves on the shore. The town is named for the adjacent world-renowned National Park, which has some of the world’s best beaches, incredible hiking trails through wildlife habitats and rainforest, and is a great place to get in some outdoor time with the family.

Learning in Paradise

Not only is Costa Rica a wonderful destination for an entertaining, adventurous or relaxing family vacation, but the country also provides many educational opportunities. Your kids won’t even realize how much they’re learning about these topics during your trip:

  • Conservation: Costa Rica is home to many species that aren’t found elsewhere. An unforgettable natural experience, Manuel Antonio Park is just minutes from the villa and was voted by Forbes as one of the Top 13 Best Parks around the world. While at the park, take the opportunity to teach your children about the importance of conserving endangered species and respecting their environment. Plan to visit more than once during your family vacation rental experience in Costa Rica — the ecosystem changes every time you stop by, and you never know which rainforest inhabitants might come out to greet you.
  • Flora & Fauna: About 5% of the world’s biodiversity is found in Costa Rica — that means there are approximately 615 species of tropical, exotic and wild flora & fauna per 10,000 square kilometers in the country. With 26 protected forests, 20 national parks, nine forest reserves, eight wildlife refuges, seven wildlife sanctuaries and one national archaeological monument, Costa Rica is the perfect place to teach your children about the extent of the world’s wildlife, and how each place has its own unique ecosystem.
  • Culture: Like any other travel experience, you can use your family vacation to Costa Rica as an opportunity to expose your children to a different culture. Depending on their ages, you could spend time talking with locals, exploring smaller towns and learning some basic, conversational Spanish. Many tours are available to explain some of the country’s most pertinent pieces of history, such as the Villa Vanilla Tour. This tour takes you through one of Costa Rica’s most significant spice plantations, with guides explaining the spices origins’, traditional uses and other historic facts. You’ll also be able to smell, touch and taste the spices and essential oil plants in the field.

Exciting Adventures in Costa Rica

The villa is also within minutes of golden-sand beaches, as well as a marina that offers water sports and activities. You can also surf, so if water is important to your family members, they’ll appreciate our exceptional proximity to water and water activities. And because the villa is located in the jungle and near the coast, you’ll get to see exotic wildlife, such as squirrel monkeys, sloths, parrots, and toucans.

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Kids love being able to talk about their exotic family retreat vacation and all the creatures they saw along the way. Of course, adults love this aspect of being in Costa Rica, too. But if pure adventure is what you’re looking for, Manuel Antonio offers activities such as:

  • Canopy Zip Lining: See the rainforest in a unique and exciting way during your family retreat getaway! You’ll be safely attached to the zip line and whiz past some of the lushest forests you can imagine. Watch as the greenery speeds past, and listen for the tropical inhabitants’ chirping, singing, chattering and warbling.
  • Parasailing: This is not your average parasailing! In Costa Rica, our area of the world produces tropical, warm breezes and incredible turquoise waters. Get a bird’s eye view of the lush verdant forest and incredible isthmus of Manuel Antonio from your perch as you sail above the surf with ease.
  • Catamaran Tour: People of all ages love to explore the fantastic coastline by catamaran! Catamaran tours host both private and public groups, have a staffed bar onboard and feature long winding slides for kids as well as other family water fun. You’ll find yourself surrounded by Costa Rica’s playful dolphins, sea turtles and colorful fish!
  • Fishing: Sport fishing is huge part of the Costa Rican culture. Not only does the nearby fishing marina hold many world titles for its exceptional opportunities, but being able to sport fish helps you bond with friends — current and new. Plus, you’ll go home with plenty of “big fish” stories!

NOTE: If you’re not sure if someone in your party is able to handle specific kinds of activities, just ask any of your expert concierge staff at Villa Punto de Vista. We’re happy to ensure what you offer to family members on your retreat vacation is appropriate for their abilities.

Unplug the Devices and Re-Energize in Style

We all lead such busy lifestyles that it can be tough to drop everything and just “be.” That’s why a family retreat vacation is such an affordable luxury. Not only can you put down your devices and talk like loving family members, but you can make happy memories with the people who matter most in your life.

The Perfect Costa Rica Family Retreat for All Ages

Villa Punto de Vista has amenities and services that can please and accommodate every member of your clan. For guests who require ease of access, the villa has an elevator, accessible washrooms and showers, ramps, and a beach buggy that can transport family members to and from the beach.

Technology and Entertainment at the Villa

For tech-savvy guests, the villa is equipped with the latest technology, including:

  • A Playstation 4
  • Wall-mounted iPads
  • Wi-Fi
  • An iMac computer and printer
  • A 10-foot movie screen

One of the greatest things about the villa is the plethora of social spaces and common areas where your family can gather and enjoy each other’s company. This includes the game room, the family room, and the rooftop lounge, and fourth-floor dining terrace where breakfast is served.

Luxury Estate and Luxury Amenities for Your Next Family Retreat

Villa Punto de Vista has 10 private guest rooms to accommodate your family. Each room is furnished with a king-sized bed or twin bed configuration, a private bathroom and shower, luxury ergonomic Swiss-made mattress, Luxurious Jennifer Adams LUX COLLECTION sheets, and organic spa amenities, mini fridge, in-room sound system, air-conditioning, and incredible balconies with majestic views of rainforest and seas.

Each morning, enjoy your gourmet complimentary breakfast, take a dip in the infinity pool, relax in the infinity Jacuzzi on the rooftop lounge, or head down to the beach. When you want a little more excitement, take advantage of the complementary vacation planning or talk to the concierge about adventure activities, spas and exploring locally made arts in town.

And as you relax in the tropical atmosphere and make memories that will last a lifetime, let the full-time staff worry about meals, serving, housekeeping, laundry, and everything else.

A week at Villa Punto de Vista is the perfect retreat for your family, and thanks to all the villa’s services and amenities, you’re guaranteed a relaxing vacation and a memorable getaway together.

To plan an amazing family retreat in Costa Rica call 1-888-890-8687 or contact Villa Punto de Vista.

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