Luxury Costa Rica Beachfront Villas

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For many of us, the ocean is a place we can go to relax and recharge. Something about the ceaseless repetition of its waves, which never seem to tire or lose their enthusiasm, blows a lulling rhythm into our spirits that reinvigorates us and sends us back to our regular lives revived with new energy.

This is one reason why luxury beachfront villas in Manuel Antonio have become so beloved in recent years. Villa Punto de Vista has envisioned and created one of Costa Rica’s most spectacular beachfront villas, which capitalizes on the unique convergence of the rainforest and the sea to provide a once-in-a-lifetime setting.

Making sure your luxury Costa Rica vacation rental is beachfront should be priority number one — particularly in the neighborhood of Manuel Antonio, where both the rainforest and the sparkling, emerald ocean are in such close proximity.

Manuel Antonio Luxury Beachfront Villa Rentals

Let’s look at some of the reasons why this particular set of Manuel Antonio luxury beachfront villas for rent in Costa Rica is the best place to spend your wedding, corporate retreat or family or friend vacation.

The Power of the Ocean

Why are Manuel Antonio beachfront villas such a hot topic right now? Part of it comes down to their unique location. We could go on for days about the rainforest, but the majesty of the Pacific Ocean deserves a proper introduction.

The moment you step onto the golden sands of Manuel Antonio’s beach, a strange thing happens: Peace seems to envelop you from all directions.

First, you notice the others on the beach. Whether they are swimming, surfing or lounging, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. The ocean in its rowdiest moments is a source of heart-pumping adventure, and at its calmest, it is a meditative paradise. The waves serve dual purposes, both sending us surfing toward the shore and reciting an endless mantra of soothing pink noise.

Then you notice the twin shades of blue of the water and the sky, bisected by the infinitely slender horizon. The horizon is a poet’s dream in itself. Though it appears as far away as the setting sun, the curvature of the earth plays an interesting trick on the eye — it is in fact only three miles distant when standing on the beach. Climbing into the upper stories of the villa, which are intimately surrounded by the rainforest canopy, the ocean’s horizon is over 10 miles away because of the added height.

costa rica is one of the world's ultimate hotspots for beach fun

Costa Rica is one of the world’s ultimate hotspots for beach fun. The water at Manuel Antonio hovers around 80ºF year-round, meaning there it’s always swimmable. People come from all over the world to experience the surfing and sun-bathing that graces us here.

Science has provided some good evidence for why we’re drawn to the ocean. There is even an official term for it, “Blue Mind,” which describes the quasi-meditative state that we enter when we’re in the presence of water. The fact that it is the most abundant substance both on our planet and in our bodies means we are quick friends. It has also been an important source of food, transportation and inspiration for as long as we’ve been sentient beings.

At Villa Punto de Vista, the ocean is half of the whole equation. The other half lies in the misty intrigues of the rainforest.

The Power of the Rainforest

Rainforests provide a sizable chunk of all of the oxygen we breathe. They may cover only 2% of the surface of our planet, but they are home to half of all its living organisms. They also provide a home to 50 million indigenous peoples and provide a direct living for hundreds of millions of others.

Manuel Antonio is unlike any other rainforest in the world. Affectionately referred to as the jewel of Costa Rica, the entire national park comprises less than three square miles. However, within those three square miles is more fun and variety of activities than anywhere else — and it is all within striking distance of Punto de Villa.

manuel antonio beach front villas

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica luxury beach villas not only connect you with the ocean, but they also place you intimately in the middle of the trees. Its 10 bedrooms and loft accommodate up to 30 guests, and its six stories provide glimpses into the different levels of canopy surrounding the structure.

When guests first witness the award-winning architectural design of Villa Punto de Vista, they are invariably struck by the way it reflects and complements the surrounding rainforest. Pink sandstone rock walls, teakwood accents, floor-to-ceiling glass and private balconies provide the ultimate indoor-outdoor connection to both the beach and the rainforest. Watch spider monkeys and sloths lounge in the treetops from the comfort of your Swiss-made bed, and wake to the sounds of tropical birds singing.

The reason we celebrate this visceral connection to the rainforest is that Manuel Antonio brings so much value to our lives. We love its lush, verdant walking trails and the chirping, warbling and singing that come from all directions at once. We adore its many waterfalls and indescribably idyllic beaches, which draw visitors from all over the world.

Above all, we prioritize making guests comfortable and attended to in our luxury Costa Rica beachfront villas for rent. Our resort has won Conde Nast Johansens “Best Luxury Villa” in 2016, Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Awards for five years running and is the highest rated villa in the country. Let’s take a look at why.

A Day at Villa Punto de Vista: Beachfront Luxury at Its Finest

Imagine yourself waking up to the sound of birds.

villa punto de vista luxury beachfront villa

Not the birds you’re used to, though — there is a distinctly exotic timbre to the warbling outside, something that you have heard in movies but never imagined to sound so utterly tropical in real life. You turn over on your plush, soft Swiss-made bed and suddenly remember where you are. It is the intensity of the green outside that reminds you. From the floor to the ceiling of your room are plate-glass windows, which provide a 270º vista of the surrounding rainforest and the morning swells of the Pacific.

As you breathe in the cool air, you allow your eyes time to adjust to the complexity of living things outside your window. Leaves of every variety, some small and others glossy and large, rustle in the breeze blowing off the ocean. Among the branches and vines are the birds who greeted you upon waking: large-billed toucans, cuckoos and parrots, to name a few — though you wonder what the others are called.

When you finally muster the will to leave the comfort of your bed, you open the door to the balcony and step into the intoxicating, moist air of the rainforest. It is in the upper seventies, and a light breeze is causing the leaves to stir and whisper. The golden light of the morning sun filters through the canopy from behind you and dances lazily across the cool tiles beneath your feet.

This moment of breathtaking magic is the very reason you had looked for a beachfront luxury villa retreat in Costa Rica in the first place.

Morning at Our Luxury Costa Rica Beachfront Villas

After donning your bathing suit — it is your customary undergarment here — you throw on some light clothing and make your way down to the complimentary gourmet breakfast. You’ve already met the chef and know that you’re in for a treat. Breakfast includes Costa Rican Gallo Pinto and handmade empanadas — whose aromas you know you’ll forever pleasantly associate with this place.

Beside them is a full American-style breakfast. You place an order for eggs and fill your plate with fluffy pancakes, skillet potatoes, hot sausage and toast. A slice of moist, fresh-baked banana bread and a coconut cookie also make it onto your plate. As the eggs arrive, you realize you’ve forgotten the most important part: the beachfront-inspired, famous daily exotic fruit champagne mimosa. You grab one and settle down to eat.

On the Costa Rica vacation itinerary for today is a trip to Tortuga Island for scuba diving — it’s a seasonal activity here due to the Pacific’s currents, but the time of year is right, and the water looked crystal clear from your balcony. Then you’ll be heading into Manuel Antonio, the rainforest just next door, to take a bird-watching tour and finally put a name to your morning companions.

All of this was set up by Gloriela, the villa’s pre-arrival concierge. As cheerful and helpful in person as she was on the phone, she has arranged everything for you based on what you told her you were interested in doing.

The other guests in your party are starting to arrive for breakfast now. Thus begins the daily ritual that seems to have become routine over the past five days, of conversation and repeated trips to the buffet to grab more empanadas and mimosas. As the clock strikes ten, you are still talking but decide it’s time to move the party to the beach.

An Afternoon Experiencing the Wonder of the Area

As the day progresses, you seem to do it all: You scuba dive, ride a boat and explore an island off the coast. You eat lunch at a delicious restaurant near Manuel Antonio. During the bird-watching tour, you see as many birds as your notebook can contain as well as long-toed sloths and an anteater.

playa manuel antonio

You’d planned tomorrow as a day off from all the fun activities, but you’re still looking to hike around Punta Catedral and to hit both Playa Espadilla Sur and Playa Manuel Antonio. These two beaches straddle the tiny land bridge that leads out to Punta Catedral, and Playa Manuel Antonio is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth.

Another evening spent with friends on the beach and another sunset that turned the sky alternatingly red, pink, yellow and blue. Your friends are planning to head to Marina Pez Vela to go bar-hopping, but your luxury Costa Rica villa is calling to you after a long day in the fresh ocean air.

Evening in Your Costa Rica Beachfront Vacation Rental

When you arrive back at your room, you find that it is once again spotless. The villa’s team of three housekeepers keeps your room as fresh as the day you arrived, and your fridge is stocked with the drinks you requested before arriving. Despite the warmth of the day’s sunlight, the air conditioning has kept your room cool and dry, and you bask in the refreshing air.

You wind down by taking a bath with the villa’s luxury bath and spa products, donning a bathrobe, pulling a drink out of the mini fridge and lounging with some friends as the last traces of dusk slide off the western sky. It has been just another day at Costa Rica’s best beachfront luxury villa, and tomorrow holds just as much promise as today.

What Sets Our Luxury Beachfront Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals Apart?

If you haven’t gathered it yet, we take quite a bit of pride in making our customers happy. From the very inception of Villa Punto de Vista, our vision was to create a place that provided an experience not available anywhere else.

We noticed that there were plenty of hotels, which offered convenience, luxury and the ability to host large events like weddings and corporate retreats. The drawback to these large buildings was a lack of personalized and attentive care. It was easy to feel like just another nameless customer when coming to these types of establishments.

On the other end of the spectrum was the charm of the private villa. Although these villas specialized in putting the customer first and establishing a personal relationship with each guest, they couldn’t host large gatherings by the nature of their small scale. Furthermore, they often lacked the sheen of luxury that larger hotels could offer.

So what was the mission of Villa Punto de Vista?

villa punto de vista exlusive luxury villa in manuel antonio

Essentially, we wanted to create an experience that blended the best of both worlds: luxury, beachfront villas in Costa Rica that also had the ability to host groups up to 100. Here, the luxury and event capabilities of a five-star hotel meet the friendliness and home-like feel of exclusive villas. Our staff of 10 anticipative professionals attend to guests’ every need from before they arrive until they are safely on a plane home.

A large part of our charm stems from David, our award-winning architect who conceptualized the villa itself. David was interested in building vertically as opposed to horizontally. There were several advantages to this: a smaller footprint, more privacy due to the levels being directly on top of one another, a better connection with the surrounding rainforest and more commanding views of the ocean.

The location of the villas next to Manuel Antonio means that you are beachfront and yet in the trees, while right next to all kinds of attractions. You can explore the rainforest by foot, horseback or ATV, and there are activities like mangrove tours and whitewater rafting nearby. There’s even a beautiful golf course that’s only a scenic hour’s drive away.

Our on-site villas can host 30 overnight guests, and we have a friendly relationship with neighboring accommodations that can house extra guests. We also have an open-door policy: If your party’s guests are staying at neighboring accommodations, they are welcome to come pass the time at the villa whenever they’d like.

Choose Villa Punto de Vista for your Luxury Beachfront Vacation Rental

We have hosted 158 beautiful destination weddings thus far, and our reviews say it all: There is simply no other place like this.

Enjoy Our Luxury Beachfront Villas in Costa Rica for Your Wedding, Corporate Retreat or Vacation

To experience the unique luxury of our villas for yourself, contact us today to ask questions and inquire about quotes and availability. We are excited to show you the magic of this place.

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