About Costa Rica Coffee: Why Costa Rican Coffee is Among World’s Best Coffee

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Costa Rica may be known as a premier vacation destination with beautiful jungle landscapes and tranquil beaches, but it’s also the place where some of the best coffee in the world is grown. We aren’t simply saying this because we’re proud of our Costa Rican coffee farmers – although we are proud of the work they do – it’s simply a fact that Costa Rica produces some of the best coffee on the planet.

Here are several reasons why our beans are the best:

The Climate and Soil Provide the Perfect Conditions

Costa Rica’s climate and altitude provide the perfect conditions for quality coffee growing. The high altitude also helps produce robust Arabica beans that are flavorful and rich. Different growing regions operate at different temperatures and altitudes, which has a direct effect on the acidity, aroma, body and flavor of the coffee.

While different growing regions experience variations in this type of climate and operate at different elevations above sea level, the general consensus is that the Costa Rican climate is ideal for agriculture, specifically, coffee.

Our soil is also enriched with many nutrients and minerals from nearby volcanoes. These nutrients help oxygenate the plants, which results in more body and richer flavors. This nutrient-rich soil is the cherry on top of some of the best coffee-growing conditions in the world.

Bad Coffee is Against the Law

In 1989, a law was passed in Costa Rica that prohibited coffee farmers from growing anything other than top-quality Arabica beans. Arabica beans are considered the best type of coffee bean in the world because of their robust flavor and complicated growth process.

This makes Costa Rica the only country in the world with such a law. The law was passed in an effort to ensure that coffee farmers are pursuing only the best quality beans and producing the best quality coffee as well.

Costa Rican Coffee is Sustainable

When you order a cup of Costa Rican coffee, you can be confident that your money is not going towards wasteful farming practices or harmful environmental issues. Costa Rican coffee farmers love the land they work on, and with 21% of the land in Costa Rica protected by the government, it’s clear that we care about more than just producing great coffee. We care about a sustainable future where people can enjoy our delicious brews for centuries to come.

It Says Handpicked on the Bag for a Reason

When you purchase a bag of Costa Rican coffee, and the label say it’s been handpicked for perfection, that’s the truth. Coffee beans on the same plant could potentially mature at different rates, so it’s important to look at the beans before you pick them and determine which are ripe and which need more time. Costa Rican coffee farmers only want to be associated with the best flavors, which is why they handpick their beans at the right time.

Whether you like to enjoy a cup first thing in the morning or prefer to refresh with a mid-afternoon caffeine break, one thing is for sure, if the coffee is from Costa Rica, it’s probably among the top-quality coffee in the world.

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